I made my decision at last!!
As i promised, my detailed description of how I made my realistic ezio costume!

 The cape

The first task. collecting materials.
The cape is made of 2 materials.
Brown light fabric, i’m using a cotton blend
Bright red light fabric, cotton blend.

After measuring around my shoulder i doubled and then added a half to the distance across my shoulder.
I then measured down to my wrist and added 1″ seam  allowance. Cut.

After tacking hemmig all the way up and across, i pulled the thread through to make gathering then sewed with brown thread right across.

 It was still not gathered enough but when i attach my red fabric it tightens.

Measure 1″ less length and width of your red fabric, so it fits ‘inside’ your brown.

Hem the red fabric , i used black thread to hem as it was going inside so its not too visible. Next hand sew (invisible sew) through the loop created on your brown fabric.

Hand stitch.So, your red thread goes through the red, through the hem in the brown and back through the red ( so you can’t see the stitching on the outside.

This picture below, shows large red stitching to show the red is now attatched to the brown, and on the other side it is not showing red.

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