Dark Leather Vambrace

when creating my costume i wanted the costume to look as realistic as possible, this meant sewing with leather. 
Now, i looked up sewing with leather previously and it looked fairly simple…This didn’t prove to be the case in real life however and i struggled hugely.
Firstly i bought some fairly thin leather fabric for 3.00 a meter. So i bought 2 meters.

I draw a rough outline of the shape on cardboard and modeled it, so i could see what the idea would look like on. It fit!.
Stenciling the design on i used a light pencil on the reverse and pinned on the design ( my initial thoughts were to have each piece sewn on, however this created pleating on the vambrace so i started again.)

I cut out the vambrace in one section and marked of where each padded section would go, ready for sewing.
Doubling the design: I flipped the already cut out piece over and made a copy of the design backwards so i would have a base on my vambrace.

I used my leather ‘softener’ i don’t know what to call it but it addes small punctures to the leather which makes it easier to sew. I used this on the lines on my vambrace that i would sew up. Creating pockets.

The pockets of leather were then filled with soft cushioned fabric to pad it out and make it look like thick leather.

I sewed the neck line first and then the outer lines to completely sew each side. I went very slowly on the machine as the fabric crinkled CONSTANTLY. It was incredibly difficult to get smooth straight lines.

I then attached studs around the outside, they were just press in and hit down. i used a rolling pin but too much force bends the stud. I bought these from amazon for 79p for 100.

I’ve since added 4 small leather strips 2 on the front 2 on the back and pierced holes big enough to fit rings through them, these will then be attached to the silver eagle he has on his vambrace.

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