Its just the start i know, but this is the start of everything, so i’m going to write it down, this is february!

Measurements Feb 4th Friday:  

Eating: around 1000 calories a day. Drinking: 5-6  pints of water a day and no alchohol since january.

Weight: 145bs. (10st5)
Bust: 40″
Waist: 32.7″
Tummy: 37.7″
R-Arm: 12.4″

Thighs: —

February 11th Friday:

Eating: around 1100 calories a day- making sure i drank before meals.
Weight: 145bs. (10st5)
Bust: 40.1″
Waist: 31.3″
Tummy: 37.5″
R-Arm: 12.7″

Thighs: 37″
 February 17th Thursday:

Eating: around 1100 calories a day. Drinking: 5 pints of water a day.
Weight: 144lbs. (10.4)
R-Arm: 12″


 February 25th Friday:
I’d just started a realtionship and completely skipped doing excersize, however i stuck to eating healthily so it gets hazy from now on..

February Total: 
Weight lost: – 1lb
Inches Gained: + 0.1

New Years Total: 
Weight Lost: 1stone! (14lbs)
Inches Lost: 3.8″

Deffinately a difficult month, i went away to an all you can eat place, i drank alot of alcohol, i started a new relationship and its always a struggle to be around booze/boyfriends.



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