Find out how many calories you burn during your day.
One of the most common misconceptions is to how many calories we actually burn during our daily activities, whether its our walk to work, pacing backwards and forwards from room to room. If your feet ache after work we’re sure we’ve burnt off enough calories for our steak and chips!
Stop over-thinking your work-expenditure and find out accurately how much food you should be eating and how many calories you need to burn.

The basics

How many calories do I need?On average a woman of 19-30 will need 1,500-2,00 and a man of 19-30 will need 2,400-2,600 calories however:
You’ll have do go on your own independent stats from the chart I’ve made below.



So now you know how many calories you need to survive (you’ll need to consume the average figures) you’ll also need to know how much you eat on average within a day.
I get my ‘clients’ to work out an estimate of their food intake over 2 weeks, this gives a good indication of their eating habits and we work from that average.
Now you’ll have the calories you need to eat, what you actually eat, all you need is how many calories you burn within one day, how can you do that?
Working out how many calories you use:

The formula is really quite basic:
You need to know how much you burn doing your hourly activity (hourly Burn= HB)
How much you burn off during your day (Daily Burn=DB)
Times this number by the amount of hours you work, I do mine by 12 hours made up of 8 hours and then 4 hours sedentary work.
To work out how many calories you have to burn for a workout, or as banked calories towards weight loss, you then you take that number from your daily calories consumed. (Calorie Intake =CI).

Here is that formula: (HB x 12)=DB   DB-CI= Calories over.
Or alternatively if you know how much exercise you’re going to do, add that to your daily burn and work out how many calories you can eat for that day!

To work out yours I’ve created charts:


 Jobs and activities and their hourly burn.


Jobs and activities and their hourly burn.

My day varies from blogging work to teaching so anything from 136 calories an hour up to 148 for the main 8 hours, then I have a lot of sedentary work.. so 4 hours at 89 calories.

Mine would be: Hourly Burn= My active average is 1111 + 89 x 4 hours =346 + 1111= 1467
Calorie Intake = 1800
INTAKE VS OUTTAKE = 1800- 1467 = +333 

So I will have to burn off 333 calories doing a workout,
OR reduce my calories from 1800 down to 1477 calories.

Why do some people not have to exercise?
Some people can eat 1800 calories and go out shopping all day, come home and lie on the sofa and STILL lose weight.. This is because shopping is adding to their daily burn, using this list, you can work out your daily burn.
For a list of exercise burns come here:If you are very sedentary and cannot commit to a daily burn that is equal to your calorie intake you will have a +number at the end, which results to weight gain, that is calories towards a pound of fat gained. If you have a minus deficit then you will start losing weight in the long run.

If you are aiming to eat 1600 calories a day and burning off 1900 it will only take you 5 days to lose a pound!
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If you have any extra jobs or activities leave a comment below and I’ll update it for you! 🙂



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