not to brag… but I’m finding losing weight so easy, I can gain weight to lose it now. It’s getting annoying, to others more than to me.This year my plan is as follows:


 it’s defeating your goal or be defeated by it.

1.Drink 3-4 pints of water daily.
2. Eat 3 6 portions of fruit and 4 portions of vegetables or more.
3. Focus on lean meats and proteins in small portions. Protein is my friend, vegetables are my life partner.
4.Eat 4 or more meals a day.
5.Abide by my body’s rules; exercise when I feel energetic, exercise when I don’t feel up to it and above all know my limits, I will get there in the end.
6.Take time out for my life, last year I focused purely on changing my mind and body.. I know what I need to do to stay fit. So now all I need is to stay motivated.

Defeating myself is the best way for me to keep motivated. I need to focus on the knowledge I’ve already gain last year and use it effectively to help myself and others ( see personal notes)

Keeping yourself motivated:

Plan to workout: grab a pen and a scrap of paper and write down your workout schedule (see personal notes) focus on the free time you could utilise to exercise.
Plan to eat right: If you’re too tired to workout in those hours then do meal prep for tomorrow’s healthy lunch.

Pay yourself: I’ve recently added £1 for every workout I complete and have put in 8/10 or more in, sometimes you can’t put 10/10 into a workout or you’ll burn out.I’ll use the money i save for new trainers or new workout gear.. maybe something better if i earn a tonne!
Goals: Focus on why you’re doing this, is this for you? For a holiday? For a baby?
Be realistic: Don’t give yourself 1 month to lose 8lbs when you’re only a bit overweight. Focus on “being healthier by next month”

(Personal notes )

My schedule is: Limited.
7-12 then 1-6 I’m at work, Mondays I’m at college 6-9. Home at 10. Prep food.
7-12 then 1-6 Tuesdays I work out at 9-10 shower then bed. Smoothie breakfast and soup lunch.
7-12 then 1-6 Wednesdays is date night or workouts after 9.
7-12 then 1-6 Thursday I work out at 9-10 shower then bed. Smoothie breakfast and soup lunch.
7-12 then 1-6 Friday I work out at 8-9 (if the room is free, once i month)
FREE DAY vegetarian day
OFF – Workout as frequently as necessary.Home at 10. Prep food.

*I will probably be too tired at the end of each day, as i have been thus far, however seeing that i do have several hours free, might give me motivation to might.


Helping others:

I have offered to put in place a healthy eating and weight loss scheme at my place of work, they’ve jumped at the chance to take me up on the offer.
Racing for charities from April 20th- September 14th is the last race, I will do 4 races over this summer.
I have also set up an eating and weight loss plan for my sister who is 5 stone overweight and in need of some help.


I’m starting this year at a Christmas weight of 9.12.
My goal is to be back to 9.5 by the end of February

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic start to 2015 and are keeping happy and healthy!


Pop a comment, let me know what you think..