All this talk of new year resolutions has got me thinking..

what do I want from 2016?

You’re probably thinking, wow..she’s late in the year for this, but I wasn’t going to write one.
I never do, resolutions come and go and often get forgotten and It’s hard to quantify what I want as I don’t feel I deserve the things I really want, not unless I work my butt off to get them, so anything unachievable will never make it on an ‘I want list’.
They can make it on an ‘I hope to achieve’ list but that’s an entirely different thing..

For my blog…

I want to to find the right balance in my writing style; making more time to focus on the blog, writing more influential content and gaining more followers who want to ask questions or leave a friendly comment.
Last year I’d rush and spend 10-12 hours a week, writing and networking the blog but with poorly written content and pictures.
I want an easy layout so people who’re interested in reading more can easily find what they’re looking for and not spend hours searching.
Whilst my site has grown exponentially from the 12 views a day in 2014, It’s also completely changed in style and tone. I’m more comedic and health orientated and I’m really happy with that, I love helping people and I love giving advice on health and fitness, It’s ‘ma jam’.


For my health…

I always want to better myself, become the ‘me’ I always wanted. I’ve been fat, I’ve been thin, I’ve been strong and fast but I’ve never really been content. I always wanted to improve something.

but this year I want to accept that not everyone will understand my healthy eating and wanting to be free and run, swim and climb…

because yeah..eating healthy, sometimes it’s tough, even for me. I want to stay a healthy weight and not fluctuate from my bad habits.I also want to make time to exercise regularly so that I don’t feel guilty about not looking after myself. That’s the thing with me, I can become obsessed so I have to draw the line between working out regularly and working out obsessively.


For my work…

I don’t just want to find a job, I need to find a job.
One that pays me what I deserve to be paid, whatever the job I always put 100% of myself into it. Making sure the customers are happy and that I’m selling whatever it is to the best of my ability, and I’m pretty good.
I’m currently a voluteer teaching support level 2 qualified but going for my level 3 at the end of may, with college and volunteer work I can’t find a part time job that fits the hours (other then zero hour contracts).
Any miracle jobs out there? let me know!
For me.
I need to move out, I really..really need to move out.
Living with your parents as an almost 24-year-old, just isn’t right. They’re untidy,uncaring and overly aggressive,it’s their house so they have every right to, but along with that they’re really hurtful towards my eating intolerances.
I need to have a regular income of at least £700 to cover my half of the rent (we want to go straight into a house) and I want to be out by September, what do you reckon?
I want to really show the people in my life how much they mean to me, I have a funny sense of humour and often pick and tease people. Hopefully they know I’m joking but I’ve been on the other side and I know it’s hard, so I want to be a better person.


I love writing these personal posts, It makes me feel like I’m really sharing with you.

 Best wishes and healthy vibes from me,


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