Ok-Ok. It’s less an outfit of the day and more a ‘OMG Gym shark are re-launching their Flex leggings!’ kind of post.

I don’t often do fitness related posts, as gym wear is a personal thing I tend to think people want the brands that they want. Which is why this post should go down well. Gym shark are a huge brand and have a massive audience reaching for their stock. Especially their Flex leggings.

Flex leggings are extremely popular for their style and for their comfort and I’m so excited to see the that they’re going back in stock this April! I reached out to the brand in March to ask whether they had a campaign for me to work on. My typical pitch is ‘please please please work with me’ and this time, it worked.

They offered me a pair of these bad-ass leggings..

Model in Flex leggings - blue

I adore my gym wear and have waited patiently for the new launch after finding their brand at the clothes show 6 months ago. That’s right, I have waited 6 months for these bad-boys and I am so excited to be getting my claws on them.

The Review

Comfort: I really don’t know how to put this.. but in the email I wrote to the PR I explained them as “Heaven for my legs”. They’re the softest fabric known to man. 

The Flex leggings are super stretchy and manage to stretch over my hips which make my waist look super tiny. I’ve had so many compliments on my figure this week (thanks to these leggings) and I think comfort is being comfortable in your body as well as in your workout clothing.

Style: They are They’re a very classic, simple style. Offering the best of all worlds. A piece of clothing that will create any outfit that will go together easily! Having purple makes them a bit more difficult but they seem to suit any colour sports bra I have.

Price: They’re £36 for the new flex leggings which is an absolute steal. I always love a discount so I asked the affiliate team for any additional discounts. I’ve included my affiliate link in the codes so they’ll know you’ve come from my site and hopefully it will bring them back here for future opps. Which means more discounts at a later date!

SPEND50 – Spend £50 get £5 off

SPEND75 – Spend £75 get £7.50 off

SPEND100 – Spend £100 get £10 off

I am a nudist at heart and often do my workouts at home with nothing more than a skimpy pair of pants and a heavy duty sports bra but I’ve found that, with the proper pair of leggings, I get more of a workout done. Perhaps it’s just subconscious but whenI wear a good pair of leggings I feel more like a ‘professional’ and want to push myself to the max for each move.PurelyAmy in Flex Leggings

Celeb Culture

I have to say, a huge pull for me was having that sexy Instagram picture with the GymShark waistband on show. If you type in ‘fitness leggings’ on Instagram more than half are of Gymshark and a lot of my vegan vloggers all have the brand so I was really desperate to get my hands on them. They sell out so quickly, I’m pretty sure it’s not just due to the hype of press releases before they go live but because of the quality of them!

The leggings are going out in some places on the 24th of March so you really have to be quick (hence the random post on a Friday!) There’s an online launch too on the 11th of April but I wanted to get in first so, hold on for the launch!

Go go go! Have a great week!

Amy-May Hunt

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