Healthy Christmas Hacker: Hack #2 Having the healthy dinner options!

Day two!

I’m really very excited this year. I’m not a particular fan of christmas as It wasn’t something celebrated in my house hold (my christmas story). So as Christmas started to roll in around November time I started wishing it would just vanish into the abyss. but, I know how to control my eating habits and keep myself motivated to be healthy this season and I think the challenge of it all is keeping me going.

It’s Christmas!

And I wanted to give you my 25 hacks of Christmas, I’m going to give you my top 25 tips to having a healthy and easy Christmas so there’s no need to worry before detox season, no diets or quick fixes for you, you’ll be fitter than before the festive season!

For me, and pretty much everyone I know. Christmas dinner is the thing for the festive season. As you should know, I love eating but my body just can’t digest the salty, fatty foods so I really

A bit of background on me is that I suffered from IBS since my teens. AKA ‘I love eating but my body just can’t digest the bad stuff’;  the salty, fatty foods. So when Christmas rolls around I really suffer from painful bloating and nausea *no good*. This year I’ve decided that for me, I’m going to fight Fatmas and turn it into Fitmas and eat what I know my body can handle, so I’ve set up some healthy recipes that I can use and share.


Some will be Vegetarian, Pescetarian and Gluten Free so you have the choice!

Sweet Potato Gratin (Paleo, Vegan.)

Sweeter Sweet Potato apple chutney (Paleo, Vegan)

Sweet potato tart

Macaroni in a Cauliflower Cream Sauce


Festive Fishes
Primal ‘Baklava’ Salmon
Honey roast sea bass lentils
Roast Salmon Peas Potatoes and bacon This seems super festive!

Appetisers and sides

Mexican corn salad
Roasted gnocchi, sun-dried tomato & olive stacks
Cauliflower Fritters (Vegan, Paleo)
Mulled red cabbage and clementines (Vegan, Paleo)
Smokey Cheddar Cheese (vegetarian)
Soy and Honey glazed squash (Vegan, Paleo)
Cashew Nut Roast with Sage and Onion stuffing (vegan)

Main Meals
Vegetable Pot Pie (Vegan)
Chestnut and Mushroom pie (Vegan)
Macadamia and parsley encrusted lamb rack (Paleo)
Meaty meatless meatloaf, now that really is a mouthful! (Vegetarian)
Feta Onion and marmalade roly poly (vegetarian)

A Full Paleo Dinner menu.
A Full Vegan Dinner & Deserts menu 1 
and Vegan Menu 2 website.

If these suggestions still aren’t ‘cutting the mustard’ why don’t you teach yourself to incorporate veggies into your everyday meals?

Spruce up your Christmas with a new take on the classic mashed potatoes? Or browse some festive Pinterest boards for some inspiration, I have several boards dedicated to diets and this time of year is no reason to give up your motivation.

Find the right foods for you and enjoy yourself! Merry Christmas!



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