Day four! It’s the first Friday of the year and the last weekend before all hell breaks loose and you remember you’ve forgotten to buy aunt Margret a present. Oh god…


It’s Christmas! 

And I wanted to make sure you’re prepared for the inevitable, Fatmas. Whilst I’m giving you super duper options to eat, buy, gift and make.. this time next month you’ll probably have the January blues. No doubt you’ll have put on a tiny bit of weight, that’s understandable, no judgement from me!
But this is where this hack comes in perfectly, it’s less a hack more a help.

Hack #4 Staying prepared for Fatmas.

Plan plan plan, make sure that you have a plan in place for next month if problems occur with your eating over the Christmas period. Yesterday’s tip gave you motivational advice for losing weight (after Xmas) and I’ve given you better alternative for your christmasy sugar cravings but you have to put them in place to save yourself and if haven’t.. then you’ll need this. There’s nothing worse than being unprepared. 

Make sure you know what you’re doing over Christmas;

Are you going to eat the full dinner, are you having an alternative side dish? What are your plans for the day? Staying in and playing Scrabble? Having a family dance-off in the living room?  You’ll want to know how ‘unhealthy’ you’ll be so you can combat it next month.. because, as you know.. it’s Christmas, you’re going to want to be healthy but still feel the enjoyment.

Be prepared have a workout and eating regime ready for the new month.

Top tips for after Fatmas.
Turn Fatmas into Fitmas!

  • After the holidays plan to give away your chocolate, junk food as January gifts to colleagues or family members so you’re not tempted to snack.
  • Get straight on to your routine on boxing day, having a longer break from your diet and fitness will make you complacent “Oh I can have another day off, I’ll be fine” don’t lose the love of it.
  • Make sure you know what you’ll be doing, following a diet? Do you have a workout routine? A schedule? Have you signed up for a gym membership or bought new trainers ready?
  • Bring in something new and exciting, new healthy meal plans!
  • Most importantly, Don’t be disheartened.

Let yourself enjoy Christmas, be positive.. it happens once a year and it’s a time to spend on yourself. So, if you do put on weight. well, you have all year!

Sending the festive love & Christmas wishes!



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