Not too sure that this one counts as a hack but I’ve tried to incorporate my ideas into ways they can benefit you, healthily! So, remembering the good ol’ times I think this is probably one of the best ways to have a healthy ….


..remember the things that you used to so, so you know what where you want to be now.

Hack #8 Remember the good times so you can keep your healthy new times.

For me, I never celebrated Christmas, I was brought up in a strict religious household so even the thought of Christmas made me angry all the glitz and sparkle, I hated it. The music would come in, the cards would come out on the school tables and we’d get pulled out of school.

 I remember seeing the children in town walking around with their parents, they have bags of things from Toys R us and were eating something sugary. Growing up I now realise it was just jealousy, wishing I could have gifts and have a family get together. *Full story on codiekinz*

“It really
upsets me now, to think I was bartering with Santa secretly, because
I was convinced that my parents were hiding him from me..It
never happened, Santa never came..even though I’d wait up for him..
and I understood why, but it still left a void in me, thinking maybe
they/he just didn’t want to give us presents.The routine
went something like this; I’d run into my brothers room around 9 o
Clock and let him know if it’s snowing or not, we’d both go
downstairs tentatively, hoping something would be there..obviously it
wasn’t but …”

Our Christmas’s were 3 weeks off school, so we’d wake up Christmas morning anticipating that this year it’d be something different, maybe this year we’d get some presents, or a mince pie. It never happened and I understood why, but it still left a void in me.

A few years ago, after spending my first Christmas with my partner, I swiftly learnt that Christmas was about sugary foods in the few weeks leading up to it, then the BIG day is literally that, you eat a massive breakfast and a massive ‘dinner’ normally at lunch time with massive servings of Veg and meat.

I love Christmas, I really do but I’m fed up with that daunting feeling in the run-up. I know that December rolls in and the weekly tray of mince pies comes out, advent calenders are filling the shelves. Along with that we have swiss rolls, cheaper veg at this time of year then there are more huge cooked dinner for 2 weeks before the big day. It’s just too much for me. A lot of things have changed in my life, so I’m still learning about Christmas and how it feels to be part of it, I’m loving every minute of it.

So, I’m remembering the good times and I’m learning from them too. 
What does Christmas mean to you?

 Merry Christmas!


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