As you can probably guess from the tinsel cluttered ceilings, the snow sprayed windows and the sugar infused air…

It’s Christmas!

So I wanted to give you my 25 hacks of Christmas, I’m going to give you my top 25 tips to having a healthy and easy Christmas so there’s no need to worry before detox season, no diets or quick fixes for you, you’ll be fitter than before the festive season!

Hack #1
Firstly, Happy First day of Christmas!
Since it’s still shopping season for another 24 days, I thought I’d do some healthy gift advice. No longer shall you feel guilty for giving a gift of chocolates, no matter how fancy… I don’t care if you got them from Thorntons!
They’re just chocolates, you can get them whenever you want, all year round! I don’t know about you but whenever I give people unhealthy gifts I feel so guilty putting that on them to receive sugar and fat-filled foods. I hate receiving them though too I know I’ll just binge.. is that just me?

Anyway, It’s Christmas, a time for make-believe and glitter, where wishes come true (sometimes) and where your inhibitions go out the window… but you don’t have to do that you can find tonnes of healthy gifts to give!

Chocolate, Profiteroles, Wine, Mince pies…
No more!

The Nut Hut picture
The Nut Hut.
I recently found this company, they specialise, yes.. you guessed it, In nutty gifts. Literally. You can have personalised parcels and gifts. I know it sounds a bit nuts..

and of course you could make your own with a lined shoe box and a selection of nuts, fruit and chocolate. Or in a jar with layered nuts, fruits for a really cute effect!

Me drinking bengal Tea
I look so young! (Earl of Bengal Tea)

The Tea-riffic gift.
This one is for the detoxer-tea-composure of the family, normally mums or sophisticated men in your life. Who doesn’t love a good cuppa?

Why not buy a wicker basket pop in a nice tea cup and saucer. Top it up with a selection of teas; Earl grey, Earl Grey Bengali (my favourite), Twinings relaxed teas;Nettle and peppermint, Green Tea, Sweet pepper!

Adjustable Weight
The sporty gift.
If you want to go in no holds barred of course..Some people think it’s rude to give fitness things at Christmas but I think it’s pre-empting their worries come January! You can choose from tonnes of things;
Sports BottleSports socks, Sweat bands, Skipping ropes, Sports arm bands for phones, Sports headsets, waterbottles, Dvd’s. Then the more luxury gifts if you want to spend over £30, Trainers, ear;jackets, joggers, tee’s,Adjustable Dumbbells, Fit bits!
running g

The subscription box.
There are plenty on the market, which is why they’re a great gift! They’re healthy and every month they remind you to be the same. These are the few I like..
Flow box;
I’ve reached out to them a few times to work with them as I love their gluten free, vegan, low carbon footprint super amazing boxes, but to no avail. Still, I hope you have a think about them, great option as a gift for yourself of a loved one.

Selection box

They seem more tailored to basic health foods mostly featuring nuts,corns, grains and gluten-based products, not for paleo!A huge selection from this company and they’re fabulously healthy in terms of low fat. Mens, women’s, vegan, Cleanse and a kids option!

Good health
Seems to be the best priced on here, great for all diets as they’re fruity nutty and have some protein in too! You can also choose your own box!


I hope my hacks are helping making the festive season nicer for you and your waistline!
Sending the festive love to you,
 Merry Christmas!


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