It’s the worst thing about this time of year. 

Christmas bugs! 

Being all cosied up with your loved ones is amazing but that’s the quickiest route to picking up bugs. I’ve written tonnes of things about staying healthy and not getting sick but this is just a summary of each, most will have links to and from articles going into detail about why they’re so important to stopping us from getting sick.I’ve also written an article on should sickness stop you from working out?

This first one really goes without know it, I’s the most important thing any life form needs.

Everyone knows that water is a wonder tool for the body, aiding in weight management, Organ health, stress levels… but it also keeps the skin hydrated which is necessary this time of year.
It boosts brain function and the immune system, balancing the water out and easing pressure from head cold and chesty coughs!

Keeping warm
This isn’t what you think though, a misconception of this is that if you’re cold the bugs can get in at those temperatures and breed better. Not true!
Your body works harder when your cold so your immune system takes the flack, So keep warm as your more likely to get bugs because you’re systems are working over time..which leads me to my next one.

Keep stress away.
Relax, the body tenses up and works harder when your stressed leaving the body’s defences weaker and bugs more likely to invade. Keep yourself stress-free and focus on staying healthy.
I did full Christmas guides to staying stress-free and staying positive.

Find supplements if necessary.
Sometimes you can feel sickness coming on, you feel a bit rough and you start craving fatty foods, the body’s first defence. These are the times that you need a boost, have extra vitamins more fruit and veg and by all means more oily foods, fish and capsules will do. Just to perk yourself up.

It goes without saying that exercise boost the whole body’s functions, increasing blood flow means your fighting cells (the white blood cells) circulate faster and more efficiently, seeking out bugs and killing them before they duplicate.

Get some sleep!
A great excuse to tuck yourself into bed with Love actually and some popcorn, resting up gives the body time to recover, not only from exercise but from the hard slog of being you. Give you body some water before you sleep so your organs and white blood cells can do their thing.

Eat properly

Food is the fuel of the body. You wouldn’t put petrol in a diesel car and expect it to work properly would you? So why would your bodies defence system work if you don’t feel it the nutrients it needs to stay strong. Read Rick’s guide to eating properly to keep the winter bugs at bay!


 Merry Christmas!


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