Weight!..I mean Wait! 
It’s not as boring as it looks,so don’t click off just yet, and you might learn a few things about how to lose a few lbs, I’m here to talk about the calories in each food category, from fats to veggies! but if you don’t want to lose it then.. don’t read I guess..Your choice.. *rolls eyes away*..


Healthy Living!

I’ve put the title in yellow, because its vibrant, and that’s what eating healthily and exercising is about, it allows you to be vibrant, it allows you to move freely, and most importantly it helps you to really live your life to its fullest.
Read my personal weight loss and my food plans ( which i don’t recommend following)


All meals should be made up of the 5 food groups:

Fruit and Veg,
Bread,Starches and fiber.
Milk And Dairy ( including eggs)
Fats and Sugars.
Meats And Fish.

Firstly, you need all 5 of these options, so diets that take out fats and sugars are never going to work, because your body will crave them and it will make your body store and sugars and fats that you already have in you.
From the pie chart you can see what percentages of the groups you need most of, but don’t panic if your meal doesn’t have them all in, in the right percentages, as long as you try and balance it as much as possible.

Fruit And Veg:
This is an important group, it gives you vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function properly, you need a variety of these daily to give you natural sugars aswell as the nutrients! In the form of sugars into calories. Fruit And Veg are made up of:
Fiber,Sugars,Good Fats,Carbs. The sugars will give you energy in a quick boost, in calories (caloric energy) turned into energy, and the carbs will slowly release energy through out the day as it is burning down.

Are slow fat/Sugar burning foods, like bread and cereals (carbs are in other things, but in small amounts like fruit and veg), however they do keep you full, there has been alot of negative talk about carbs being bad, but they are one of the foods that keep you fullest for longest as it takes so long to turn carbohydrates into calories.
The negative attention they’re getting is the high sugar that takes along time to burn off, so buy a low sugar high carb bread.( as noted, below)

Milk And Dairy Products:
Have alot of calcium and strengthening vitamins in, its good for bones, hair growth, nail growth, soft and young looking sking, Dairy Products are usually high in fats, low in carbs and high in sugar making them higher in the fat storing calories. So its good for giving us energy and health properties, but its low in the fuel to keep us filled up.

Fats And Sugars

Bad: Calories in..
High Carb And Sugar Fruits & Veg:

Frozen Green Peas 39
Frozen Sweet Corn 47
Sultanas 56
Bananas 58
Mango 60
Papaya 60
Figs 61
Raisins 64
Beetroot 64
Pineapple 66
Watermelon 80
Pumkin 75
Parsnips 97
Dates 103

Bad:Calories in..
High Carb High Sugar Breads:

Hamburger bun 61
Wholemeal Rye 62
White 71
Bagel 72
French Baguette 95

Good: Low Carb Low Sugar Breads ( the lower the number the better!):

Soya and Linseed 36
Wholegrain Pumpernickel 46
Heavy Mixed Grain 45
Whole Wheat 49
Sourdough Rye 48
Sourdough Wheat 54                      


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