I found a page on Pinterest that explained how to take a regular cake mix, and turn it into a healthy ‘treat’ al you do is remove the butter and water and use yoghurt instead! The removal of butter and oil means you can reduce the calories by around 25%!!
Less calories more cake.

IMG from ocado.com

It took me somewhere I unexpected, really!

I chose a chocolate cake mix for fudge goodness.

I preheated my oven, took out the yoghurt and measured until my hearts content.
I poured the mixture into a big mixing bowl,
used 250 ml of yoghurt and 50 ml of water, as per Pinterest’s requirements.

Hopes were high at this point, the batter was thick and creamy and looked beautiful.I left it to come to room temperature for 15 minutes before tipping it into a 9″ spring form cake tin and put it into the oven at gas mark 5 for 30-35 minutes.

– Mine did not work

I left it for another 20 minutes to no avail, it didn’t firm up or become lighter ( it was huge though) 
so after 50 minutes at gas mark 5 it began burning on one side so I gave up and took it out.
I am many things but patient is not one of them, so I tried it hot, disgusting!
I refrigerated it and Oh My God, it was amazing. 

The roller coaster cake (the Mr. liked the name for that!)

The cake it self took me on a whirl wind trip, first the idea seemed ridiculous, but once it was blended it looked wonderful, after half an hour of cooking (not cooking) I was then giving up on the idea of it as it was just mush, I cooked it for an extra 20 minutes and it was burning on one side and raw on one side, It tasted bland hot and then amazing cold. It was fudge-y chocolatey and decadent.

So, whilst Pinterest is a great board, think about the pictures shown as a symbol of the possible outcome but not the actual product you will have after you’ve completed it, like the burgers on a billboard to the burgers you actually get ( not that you are eating burgers!).


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