Is your subway better than a big mac. What is the health vs the cost of your Lunch? Working out how healthy your lunch is the least of your worries when you’re in a rush but, should it be a higher priority?

What really is in our lunches?Does a higher price indicate better nutritional value? Does cost out-weigh health?

Does a higher price indicate better nutritional value? Does cost out-weigh health?

How Healthy is your lunch?

There are so many factors at play when the thought of lunch starts buzzing around you. Bearing in mind you’re more likely to have a proportionally larger quantity of food with poorer nutrition the longer you wait for your meal. – Plan ahead and take a sandwich or alternative lunch options if you’re trying to beat the bulge, you’re much less likely to grab at sugar and fat if you have planned not to.

When transitioning into my healthy lifestyle one of my first thoughts (and thoughts I heard from others) was ‘Can I afford it’?

There has always been this stigma that eating healthy has to be expensive, kale chips and Pink Himalayan salt are the new fad trends but a ‘chip butty’ is only £1 after all, but what are the real statistics for health over cost?

So perhaps you need to make the decision, is your quick lunch worth the extra cost or would you rather plan ahead and pack something healthy from home? On average you can save £1200+ a year* packing your own lunch. That’s a holiday for two!

What would you rather? A healthy sandwich at home and a holiday, or a slightly healthier sandwich and no holiday? I know which I’d rather have! Either way, have a wonderful lunch and make the choice that suits your health and lifestyle best.

*based on spending around £5 per lunch for 48 weeks.

Amy-May Hunt

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