Hi, I’m the new girl.

Ah, well.. Sort of.Background blur

Obviously I’ve been around for ages, but I’m new to WordPress and new to personal blogging.

I branch out here and there on my main site, but I’ve always been too afraid to let my ‘real’ self out. This site will help me do that, along with helping me understand wordpress before I take the leap with my main site. As you can tell my site is about health and fitness,sharing recipes and healthy ways of living. So I try to maintain this ‘prim and proper’ attitude and be as positive as I can for the women who need my support and encouragement.

Anyway, Enough is enough.

I want to show my true colours, my woes and worries and my outbursts of anger (they’ll be a tonne of that). I’ll be updating this site as often as I can, no set days! Just as and when. As a newbie to wordpress I’d love some help with what’s right and what’s wrong so tell me if something doesn’t look right, please!

Super excited to start this super personal journey especially to have someone to share it with (my first post tomorrow will be about my family life and where I feel I am in the big family that I have).


From me and the blogs (my nephew R)

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