What to do for valentines day.

I have bought my partner a selection of  ‘goodies’ to dive through on valentines day and instead of going out spending more money, we’re staying in and having a nice steak dinner and a film. 
It’s one of those things we don’t get to do, since we live separately, so the time is precious for us. 

What’re you doing this valentines day?

Budget Valentines Day Ideas

Make dinner together- His or her favourite meal
Watch a lovely movie with some snacks and a blanket
Make your own valentines card
Make our own ‘sex favour cards’ Why not? 🙂
Go out for a nice meal: Spending time together can be refreshing if it is in a new setting, its once a year!
Love books: Give them a booklet of all the things you love about them 
Memory books: Give them a booklet of your favourite photos of them and you, write comments on your fondest times together.
Surprise them with a weekend away.
Go out for the day, for a walk, to a museum, anything that gets you talking!
– Sorry i haven’t been posting recently, i’ve had the norovirus ( NOT NICE!) so i’ve been recouping all my updates will speed by now. My cosplay costume is up and running!


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