Find out how many calories you need for weight loss

We have worked out, how much we already burn during our day, but what about how much we should eat? I’ve put together a simple guide to explain how to gain or maintain your weight.

Our previous posts have your daily burn and exercise burns so you can work out your calories burnt from activity.(this will help you!)


Remember: 1500 calories = 1lb of fat!

So make sure you have a calorie deficit (negative number)

So, Its as simple as 1 2 3, all you need to know is…1 vs 2 =weight loss (calories in vs calories out)

1) How many calories do you personally need to consume for weight loss or gain.


Using this chart, find out your calories to consume, but hey.. there’s 1500-2000, which number do I need to aim for?
By working our how many calories you naturally burn throughout your day, you can workout how many you’ll need to consume, so..

2) How many calories are you burning off daily?

By using this simple tool and diagram you can easily see how many calories you have to eat to lose weight or maintain it. We’ve included how many calories your job burns, or how many calories playing tennis burns!Here’s a snippet of that post:


Hourly activity (hourly Burn= HB) x 12 = How much you burn off during your day (Daily Burn=DB)

3) How do these numbers help me to find out my personal calories consumed?

By finding out your DB you are able to find your calories to consume for weight loss. remember, having a negative number leads to weight loss, so a positive one leads to weight gain.
E.G DB= 1600, I need to eat 1600 calories Or less to lose weight.

Or add a 100 calorie workout to your daily routine, this means you’ll have -100 calories for that day!

Here’s a graph explaining calories consumed and calories burned in reference to weight loss:

The first chart shows weight gain:
The chart shows even with exercise if your total number is a positive you WILL put on weight, with exercise or without it.
The last person in the first chart shows a sedentary lifestyle with a 10-minute regime of exercise this person only consumes 1600 calories of healthy food, exercises and will still put on 4lbs a month!

The last chart shows weight loss:
The last on the chart shows even without exercise, if you have a negative total, you will lose weight.
The last person was eating a small amount of health food but leading an active daily life style and doesn’t need to add exercise to their day.


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