Happy spending and saving!

There are some amazing ways to make/win free things online I’ve been a super-scrimper for around 3 years.
I grow fruit and veg, i bulk out meals, i workout from home, i buy second hand and i win online competitions. There are so many methods to being a super-sweepstakes so i will share with you the most useful sites and tips you can use.

Organise: Firstly you need to write a weekly list on a calender to say ‘ online freebies’, secondly have a folder on your bookmarks which inside holds;

  1. Daily freebies/samples: This folder should have the links to the main forums which refresh the new freebies for that day.It saves you searching everyday for the freebies from that day, i have 4 main sites that i use.
  2. Money off sites: Vouchers and codes.
  3. Daily competitions: This folder should host your links for the full competitions websites that you can use daily, if needed you can then have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday exc.
  4. One-Click wins:This is one click entry to sweepstakes and lotteries.These will be the ones that you’re less likely to win but are easy to enter so do these first in your daily routeen.
  5. Forums and links:This will give you great access to competitions that are brand new and also answers to questions! People are very generous, so keep an eye on forums.
Check your emails: Regularly check your emails, including spam and junk folders, if possible add the email sender into your contacts so it doesn’t get flagged as spam.Some contests will have a ‘must reply’ by date within 2-5 days of your winners email being sent, so be vigilant.
Check the rules: Some competitions allow multiple entries so make sure you keep them bookmarked in your daily competitions folder, also multiple entries from one household may be disallowed.
Restrict: Don’t enter competitions that you are selling on, firstly it wastes time for yourself where you could be finding something amazing that you will  enjoy. Secondly, this takes up entries for people that would enjoy participating in the prize.
Useful sites: In order of how to enter.
Competitions Sites.
One-click wins:
Good to know Magazine: 
Intsa-Wins: Random number generators on sweepstake competitions, if you win you get the prize! Anything from £10-£2000 Daily.
Daily lottery:  
Free postcode lottery. Free entry, everyday your entered just check the site to see if you’re postcode is drawn.prizes are £50 with roll-overs! Daily.
Closer Magazine sweepstakes: 
One click entry into closer magazines competitions ranging from a £30 voucher to £2,000 shopping sprees Daily.
Bella Magazine Sweepstakes:
One click entry into Bella competitions very similar to closer magazine,with prizes ranging from a £30 voucher to £2,000 shopping sprees but this means double entry, can be entered Daily.

Easy entry single answers:
  1. UK competitions: A whole host of new competitions to enter. Great for finding that specific competition.
  2. Freebies site: a small site for the not-so popular competitions, you may have more luck?
  3. Good to know: A multi comps website that requires a login and an answer to enter.
Buy a magazine comps: Answers can be found on the forums…
  1. Freebies and free samples: Freebies site.
  2. Freebies and free samples: Free stuff finder.
  3. Freebies and free samples: Magic freebies.
Vouchers and codes
Printable vouchers, online apps, discount codes and a host of goodies. Try these next time you think about buying anything online, get money back on your purchase.
  1.  Freebies site.
  2. Freecoupons:
  3. Top cash back– This one is a discount after purchase site. 
Discount code forum: Money saving exp.
Bargain buys/low spend forum: Money Saving Exp
Freebies no spend forum: Money Saving Exp
Daily competitions:
Regular competitions forum: Money saving Exp.

Happy spending and saving!


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