Oat milk, much like almond milk, is the king of the dairy free milk world. Both are luxuriously creamy and offer a subtle sweetness similar to dairy milk, they’re versatile and offer an amazing alternative to those who’re dairy free. Either by choice or by necessity when going dairy free there was always a worry that you wouldn’t have much choice.

The past 5 years the vegan and alternative choice movements have really opened up the market. What ever your dietary preference, there are foods for you.


For me, milk was always a worry. I enjoyed the creamy texture that is unmistakable to milk. As a child, a tall glass of cold milk was like a strong coffee. Something to get you through your tough day in primary school -The yellow crayon is broken. Fetch me my milk. 

That being said I couldn’t really indulge in the silky goodness, I’m lactose intolerant! If anyone else has similar troubles they’ll feel my pain. Knowing you can have just enough to tickle your taste buds but never to satisfy your needs. If only they had these milk alternatives when I was a little-one. I would’ve lapped it up!


I only heard about dairy-free milks in the past few years. I first found soy milk would curdle whenever I used it so stayed away from all milk again until this year. Where I found almond milk to be my new staple but it was far too expensive to drink regularly and it would go off before I could drink it – I box is for a family of 4 for a week. For £2-£3 a bottle so it was just cheaper and easier to avoid using milk but.. *drum roll*

I found out you could easily make your own dairy-free milk!

Super simple oat milk

2 Cups of oats

6 cups of water

*Optional; 2 Tbsp Sugar, 1/2 Tsp Salt, 1 Tsp Vanilla Ess

Makes 2 pints

*Almond or Vanilla; I really do recommend adding a flavouring to the milk. Not to ‘cover’ the flavour but to enhance the milk to more than it can be. I adore almond essence and add it to my hot chocolates, milkshakes, ice creams and chia puddings but of course you can stick to the classic.


Measure your oats 2 cups should serve a family of 4 for 3 days so find the measurements that suit you. I found a large mug for mine and just use that. It’s just 2 parts oats for 3 parts water, simple.

Steam and sterilise a milk jug or container.

Add your oats to a blender and blitz as much as possible, making an ‘oat flour’. At this stage, you can add the rest of your ingredients except for your flavouring, water, and sweeteners. Blend until your milk is ready.

Using a sieve, strain any ‘pulp’ away and add your milk to a container and add in your flavouring, give it a good mix and store or use!

Storage & Usage: Can be stored for up to a week in a container in the fridge. This milk is made from oats so heating it up can create a thickner, creating a custard or porridge texture so wait a minute before using in hot drinks. You can use the pulp from your oats in porridge or in baking. It’s just the firmer part of the oat.

*I’ve heard of people pre-soaking their oats to create a thicker consistency, more like a single cream. but I like my milk like milk.

There are hundreds of dairy free milks on the market! Click Me

Whilst I absolutely adore almond milk it’s far too expensive to waste and far far too time-consuming to make. I know a few who make theirs in bulk and freeze it but with my freezer full of veg and bulk meals I can’t find time or space to make my own. That’s why I looked for an alternative and Oat milk had just popped on the market near my home so I tasted some. – I was in love.

I knew there had to be a way I could make smaller portions for just little old me. As I’m always on a budget I wanted the cheapest dairy-free milk and I wanted the easiest way to do it so I expanded my hunt, looking for hemp and rice milk but non-ticked the boxes for me. I have done my research on dairy-free milk and found a massive market for them. Find out more about dairy-free milks.

Oat milk was a champion and it was far easier than I had first thought.

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Amy-May Hunt

6 comments on “How to make Oatmilk – Simple Vegan & Dairy Free Milk”

  1. We just started using oat milk and cashew and almond, im trying to quit dairy to see if it improves my skin: so this was perfect timing as I’m all about saving money and have tons of oats in the cupboard!

  2. I mostly buy almond milk these days or Koko non-dairy milk and I know they are not the cheapest but I don’t currently have a working blender at home to do my own plant-based milk! Once I finally buy a new blender I will definitely start making my own plant-based milk at home, I am sure it will save me loads of money!

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