Well, I have a youtube account so it was about time I recorded what I eat (apparently that’s a thing now?) But either way, I did it! I wanted to showcase what I ate and get a bit of conversation about ‘normal’ foods to eat. 


So many youtube channels post what they eat in a day, mangos for breakfast and avocado wraps with fresh salsa and homemade ice cream. Mate, no. I don’t have time for that, I have a busy life and pasta is the only express meal I can get my hands on. Non of this fancy fresh made palaver.

It was a bad day to choose as I hadn’t slept for very long and I wasn’t very prepared for it, as I had no access to my own food being at someone else’s house. Either way I’m glad I shared this little adventure with you. Hope you have a great week,

Hope you have a great week, 


Amy-May Hunt

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