It’s been a year (almost to the day) since I last posted. 


I really started this blog site as an online diary for my food and weight, since writing my thoughts in a journal just didn’t feel productive. Perhaps someone else would make use of my numbers and figures and I would help atleast someone else suffering with their weight. The issue is after I lost a bit of weight I became addicted to health and fitness and didn’t ‘need’ the blog anymore. (which was unfair). So I disappeared for a whole year.


This time will be better than ever, I’ve studied in a general nutritional course along with a weight management course (online) so whilst I may not be the best-educated blogger in this study I’m definitely true to my word in what I eat and when I eat it and I hope my honesty and natural work will help provide a safe shelter for those who want to lose weight naturally, and easily.


Amy-May Hunt

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