Social media detoxes and cleanses – They’re all the rage now but what are they?


Have you ever been so busy your brain can’t switch off in the evening?

This is me most nights and if you’ve ever had a night like this you’ll know how frustrating it is! Knowing that each minute you’re lying a wake it’s a minute later to waking up in the morning and getting on with the massive list of tasks to do the next day.

When you’re suffering from a busy schedule it can be hard to prioritize tasks but the biggest priority is your health. It took me months to work out I was over-worked. I had day’s off a week but I’d cram a week’s worth of work into two days and the day before I would be so stressed with setting timers and lists to keep myself productive that I wasn’t sleeping and was wasting an extra day just on planning. Realising you’re overworked is the key – Once you start to figure out you’re not feeling as relaxed you can start to relax – It sounds too simple, right?

Realising you’re overworked is the key – Once you start to figure out you’re not feeling as relaxed you can start to relax – It sounds too simple, right?

Find out what is causing your stress or anxiety.

Perhaps you’ve been awake in the middle of the night and in your head your listing all the things you want to get done during the week. Being busy is a great thing at times, keeping yourself focused and motivated on achieving your goals, work or personal goals. But ‘being busy’ can lead to stress and over excursion.

  • Could it be that you’re worried about your new shift at work? – Perhaps you’re thinking you can’t get certain things done over the week that you would usually get done.
  • Are you worried about your diet or health? – Even subconsciously our bodies tell us if something is wrong with our diet. This could be causing you undue stress.
  • Perhaps you’re just trying to work out what you have to do tomorrow. You should write a list and plan ahead!

The simplicity of working out whatever makes you feel ‘overworked’ means you can shift it around and give yourself time to relax. Have a mini-break or take a day away from it all.

Let’s talk about what you can do to reset your mind and body.

Mid-day breaks are often brilliant, even essential

It’s a tough one if you work full time. Most of the time you’re so busy with work you don’t have a second for a sip of water let alone drifting away from your desk to go for a 10-minute siesta.

However, if you work in front of a screen you’re allowed a few minutes each hour to move away from the screen and reset your eyes. Including going into the staff room for a quick break. Use what you can and take any time to yourself.

Taking our brain and bodies away from the stress and work of a normal routine can reset our minds and help us re-focus. Something as simple as social media detoxes can help! Some people recommend meditation, some would say go for a light walk. Whatever it is it’s about getting yourself away from the chaos your normal routine.

Social media detoxesIf you constantly think 'there's not enough time in the day' or you're worried about an upcoming meeting or event. Take five minutes. That's all you need! What are social media detoxes

Social media is not a moment to ourselves. It is a collection of micro-moments you share with friends, loved ones, celebrities and… strangers. Having that much information thrown at you from so many different social media sites is strenuous. It’s chaos, let’s not forget that.

Essentially all you have to do is not check your social mediaSimple!

To start, social media detoxes are not a permanent thing, they’re a quick and simple adjustment when you need it.Switch off your notifications settings so you only receive texts. This way you’re spending less time in the online world and having more time to spend on your own mental health & on quality time with your family.

Why not use that extra time to write a list of goals & prepare for your week?  bulk cook some meals, see a family member or do a sport! I wrote a post last year speaking about the negative effects of social media and how social media can lead to weight gain. That’s not to say quit it altogether, in fact the opposite can be true too.

Certain channels can actually help motivate you to lose weight, Instagram for weight loss can be a great starting point for that.

Why taking a break can change your life

Something that can ‘change your life’ may seem like a bold claim to most but when you’re mindlessly going about your daily chores having a quick rest can refresh your whole outlook on life. Our body needs it, we need to take the time relax and just take time to think about nothing. ‘Blank space’ or ‘white walling’ I like to call it – like staring at a white wall.

  • Resting your body; Eye’s organs and even digestion.
  • Giving an added energy boost.
  • Allowing your brain to digest information and take on new tasks
  • Giving yourself some TLC

I mean you don’t really need more reasons than that but if you want a more comprehensive list to give yourself some well-deserved rest this site has some great advice.Simple steps towards a positive and more relaxed you ‘does what it says on the tin’. So pop in some ear phones, run a hot bath and relax. Give yourselves social media detoxes – Ignore all the drama around you and just spend time on yourself, after that you can prepare for tomorrows events



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  1. I agree, taking a break is so important. I try to take as much time out as I can at weekends, getting out for walks or getting outdoors really does blow the cobwebs away.

  2. I totally agree. It is so important to take 5 and take a break .. I like a shower mid day… it is a great way to chill out.

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