Make time for an hour a day. You can all do that! …Can’t you?

Not in my life.

If I start my workout at 10.30, I need to have eaten at 9.30 latest. I need to have woken up at 8.30 to be alert. I finish at 11.30 then go for a shower n dry for around 1.15 On a Saturday.
That’s half of my day planned out. I can’t workout nights because I’m normally too tired, so weeknights I really struggle to fit in my exercise, I do my best but I normally just half-assed it.

I am 11 days in, that’s 8 workouts in and my biceps are bigger.I feel more toned but I don’t look it. ( then again I was on a training course and ate literally a packet of biscuits a day with 2/3 slices of pizza) OOPS.

So far, I workout on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. It’s just not enough.

What is insanity?

Essentially it’s a long and intensive interval training workout regime. It focuses on 6 workouts ( you get one rest day), all of the workouts are more than 45 minutes. They’re highly cardio based and very intense muscle work, it is not for the faint-hearted. I don’t say that as a challenge, I say that as a warning.

The workouts

There are 6 weekly workouts aimed at different parts of the body, they’re all cardio based.

  • PLYOMETRICS for insane legs and glutes
  • UPPER BODY RESISTANCE for sculpted arms, shoulders, chest, and back.
  • PURE CARDIO for crazy fat burn.
  • CARDIO ABS with intensive core work so you can get awesome abs like Shaun T.
  • RECOVERY gives your body a break at the end of an insane week.

Pure cardio is a go-to when I need a quick blast of an intense cardio burn but the other workouts are a bit too much for my muscles on a regular routine. If you’re a busy mum who wants a short blast I’d recommend the pure cardio & perhaps a yoga routine to cool down.

Recovery is not a rest period – This workout is an intense muscle burn. The lack of cardio in this routine can feel a bit easier on the lungs but not on your muscles. I regularly add this to my weekly routine in 2017 to keep a high muscle density on my lower body.

Month Two, the intervals get even
longer, but the rest periods don’t:

  • MAX INTERVAL CIRCUIT for the toughest interval workout you’ve done so far.
  • MAX INTERVAL PLYO will push your legs until they cry for mercy.
  • MAX CARDIO CONDITIONING takes your body to the limit with an extreme cardio workout.
  • MAX RECOVERY lets you build strength for a whole new round.

The main focus for both moths felt like calves & quads, as most of the workouts are cardio based and you do alot of balancing on those muscles.

The workout is hard (Insane you might say), but the break in the middle for your 10min stretch, can help you get your breath back. So really it works out to about 25 mins of the intense workout. 15 cardio and 10 main muscle focus ( cardio combined).

If you want a workout to lose fat, this is the one for you. Cardio is a fat burner and insanity workouts ARE cardio, you’ll build up your stamina and burn off up to 400 calories a workout.

I found it to be intermediate-advanced. If you’re a gym bunny you probably do cardio so it might feel easier for you. If you’re new to exercising, it is a no go. Even after several months of begginer workouts It took me 4 weeks to get used to these drill-style workouts. To learn how to catch my breathe and push my muscles. Try one of Jillian’s for a week just to get you used to feeling breathless.

My results

In my first round of insanity I lost 8lbs – I probably only did about 30% of the workouts, either through not being able to complete them or my muscles not being recovered enough to push through them. That 8lbs changed me forever and in my next few posts I’ve explained how that change has continued throughout the past 3-4 years.

Insanity  – Why I love Shaun T and his training style

Insanity Week 7 results

Insanity – 6 months on.

Insanity – After 3 years.


—- Author note below

It’s January 2016 and it’s exactly 2 years since I first started Insanity. I’m now a successful health and fitness blogger, I’ve worked hard and educated myself in nutrition and muscle recovery.

  • I know what is good for me
  • I know what is good for ‘most’ people. Not dietary specific, but I try my best.
  • I know that an hour a day is an amazing workout, but it’s not a good guideline for ‘the average joe’ as the body peaks at 25 minutes and anything after that is essentially just running the body down. (cardio is a different story)
  • Anything you do to better your body is better than nothing at all..

Reading this post hurts me.

It hurts me to be reminded how painful it was to exercise, It hurts how much I suffered and struggled to be a better me. That pain really motivated me to be who I am today, I’m fitter, faster and a lot better educated in such things, I understand what works for my body and what doesn’t. I still have bad days, sometimes weeks..but I understand what I’m doing to myself though and I’m so proud of my accomplishments.



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