UPDATE for insanity, insaniacs or anyone wanting to start it.
All of his workouts do all over body, but new moves means your body is constantly burning fat from new exercises.

Core and balance workouts focus on muscle workouts, getting cut abs, sexy thighs and toned arms. It kills my arms and legs.

Max cardio is as the title says, a lot of cardio combined with abs arms and thighs. Real bun burner.
Max interval circuit  is the most fun to do for me, its jumping and combination work. Keeps you on your toes.
Max interval plyo is the same as circuit but new moves, planks, plank jacks, ski abs, however you go hard for 3 mins and rest for 30 seconds, its hardcore but with strengthen your heart rate.

week 1 3 & 4 results keep reading!

But now… i’ve completed 49 workouts.. 7 weeks. This is my second to-last week.

So max eek – month 2 has really been another level… I mean he stepped UP, there is more cardio more strength and it goes on or longer

I was tired after the warm up, but now 2 weeks in i’ve really upped my game and can complete the workouts with 100% effort.

I hit plateau and couldn’t shift any weight last week i put on 1lb but this week i lost 2lbs and went back down to my normal 9st 9, i feel like my body isn’t changing very much but i’m sticking with it ( my diet has slipped again but i’m going to try harder on week 8).

I used to eat 1400-1700 calories, now i eat 1700-2300 calories on a vegetarian diet.

I’ve gained strength and determination this week from comments such as “Wow your stomach is tight” I can feel your abs coming in, and honestly i agree with them. I can physically feel abdominal muscles through the skin tissue.

Excited is not the word.
Amy x

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The first weeks review of the workout and whether you should buy it – worth reading.

End of Week 3 Review and results so far.

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