It’s hard.
Honestly, we always say that when things are hard keep pushing..but we all have those moments when it just gets too hard to push. I have them frequently, at lot more than I care to admit to you.

But who am I to be false when most of you come to be for such honest and personal advice?

As a health and fitness blogger there are moments where I want to tell you that yeah I f**ked up (there is nothing wrong with that)..but there’s the PurelyAmy part of me that’s saying “don’t let them see you at your weakest” be strong, be better.

I write about it all the time, but I worry that I shouldn’t. Will my failings but you off?
If I start telling you that I ate half of that pizza for breakfast or that I ate the whole batch of red velvet cupcakes by myself? Will that de-motivate you?

It’s my biggest worry that I’m giving off a bad impression to the readers, especially when I write like this;

It feels soo good, to be bad.

There, I’ve said it. What a relief!
Being a health and fitness blogger is bloody hard, especially when it comes to following my own rules.

All of these things I now know my body doesn’t like, and yet I still eat them! “Nah, it won’t kill you, just eat it” .
That’s the thing though isn’t it? It won’t kill me or do me much harm, so why should I restrict
myself..“for your health Amy! For your body!Think of your yellow bikini and your toned bod” It’s all I want to say to myself….

But my hands, they’re thinking other things, they’re thinking that the chocolate is only in the cupboard down stairs..

after all I’m supposed to be a “healthy person” but I mess up all the time, I eat the wrong things and I have lazy days..that turn into weeks. Right now, as we speak I’m exhausted from a 10-minute workout, my throat is in agony from a bulimia binge and I’m just emotionally and physically exhausted…2 months ago I was running miles, almost daily.

We come a long way to get to where we want to go..but it also falls apart very quickly.

If you want to maintain your health positively. You have to try hard to maintain it, it’s a misconception that when you lose the weight slowly and you learn to love health that it’s easy to maintain. No way! we’re all faced with the same junk food adverts, the same busy schedules and those days where we aren’t motivated! We all do, it’s human nature to want ‘nice things’ even if we know we’ll suffer later on.

We’re all faced with the same junk food adverts*, the same busy schedules and those days where we aren’t motivated! We all do, it’s human nature to want ‘nice things’ even if we know we’ll suffer later on.

“Just one” she says.. 2 weeks later and I’m still struggling to get back into my zone.

I feel like I’ve come away from the simple side of health and I’m promising you, I’m going to snap back. I will go back to basics with “PurelyAmy”. Food should be ‘pure’ ingredients made simple and workouts should be easy to understand and for the average joe; So I will be using less ingredients, creating more workouts plans and giving simpler and easy to follow  guidance.

I’ve put this on here as I’m trying to stay really positive on “the main site”, I hope you understand that we all have bad’s how we build on those to make ourselves (and our sites) better. I will be including an advice piece on the main site for “Bulimia & Me” my experiences of bulimia #2. *Part 1 & a poem from my point of view.

It’s good to get it off my chest and I hope you understand why I had to have this little time to be negative.

Yours, always.


Amy-May Hunt

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