Lentil soup! – 5 Ingredients, no time at all!

A healthy hearty end to the day, it’s a spicy thick Red-Lentil soup with tonnes of goodness,did i mention its low fat, but you could never guess! It takes like it has cream in it!

3/4 Cup Lentils ( you can use any colour!)
1 can of tomatoes – 
1 Large onion –
1 vegetable stock cube-
Cumin and coriander – 1 tsp each

a pint of water. 

(optional 1 carrot)

Serves 6 (as a starter) or 4 as a main.

Rinse out your lentils, i used red. It took 3 rinses and a soak for 3 mins then i used 3/4 a pint of water and brought it to the boil.
once it boils simmer it with a lid for 10  mins, meanwhile you can prep your onion and tomatoes and add them in, total cooking time should be 15-20 mins until soft.
Blend, Done.

It really is that simple, if you need more water add it, personally i love thick soup!

I finished mine with toasted whole grain croutons, sweetcorn (1tbsp for 1 portion) and chopped coriander.

Lentils are a great source of fibre,vitamins, carbohydrates (with out the starch and fats).
They are filling and cheap to buy! 
Lentils can be used to make tonnes of different foods, in replace of rice, as a burger, as a thickner for soup!
Low calorie!!

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