As always, I think the best way to tone your legs and body is to reduce overall body fat so include this workout in conjuncture with a cardio workout. This workout has been designed to target muscle building on your calves,hams, quads and glutes.Remember, muscle burns fat.

Little Leg lifters workout

Jumping kicks
Jumping kicks are kick outs with a hop to the next leg. As your first leg is kicking push off the ground with your other leg as the first leg hits the ground. Keep your fists up and elbows in.

Power squats

Power squats are essentially an ordinary squat, legs apart knees contract and butt goes back, however, when you bring yourself up, clap your feet together in a jumping motion and continue to squat back.

Side leg lifts

Whilst performing a squat, bring yourself up and half way tense your obliques and lift your legx10

Deep squats
With your deep squats, have your toes pointed slightly outwards and legs further apart then a regular squat, this should give you a better range of motion.With your squats you should count to 3 on the way down pause for 2 and up for 3 seconds.

Knee donkey kick backs:
From Knee-plank position, position your leg up in 90 degree position, sole facing the ceiling and pulse your leg towards the sky for 
10-15 reps.

Little Leg lifters Workout

(Repeat x2)

Jumping Kicks – Reps x 10
Power squats – Reps x 20 
Side leg lifts – Reps x 10 (R)
Side leg lifts – Reps x 10 (L)
Deep squats – Reps x 10
Donkey kick backs – Reps x 10
Squat Jumps x 15 

 Complete the routine twice.

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