Some of you observant and lovely lot will know that I’ve been away from the blog for a while now…

Firstly, because I went back to college to complete my NVQ, which takes up 3 days and I need to complete portfolios of work which takes up a lot of time. Along with that I’m looking for part-time work to pay the bills and secondly because I’ve been really ill, I’ve been moaning about it on twitter this week sorry! However, my illness has given me a bit of time from work and college so I’ve been able to come back to the blog and give you some advice.Silver lining!Losing weight when you're under the weather - Logo

Should you still stick to your regular diet and exercise when you’re under the weather?

This is a simple and complicated question, it’s a loaded gun really so to make it more simple I want you to answer these questions, it’s like a Venn diagram..

Venn diagram of illness chart

How long have you been ill? (Longer then 48 hours?) If no, just wait it out.

Is your illness a stomach bug: If yes then stop your exercises for at least 24 hours after your stomach has settled and you’re feeling better. If no then continue on.

Does it affect your balance heart rate or temperature? If yes, stop right away, rest up, get better.
If no, you can do the low impact workouts.

Realistically, if you feel well enough then of course, you can exercise, but should you?
 That’s up to you, would you like to take the risk for a few calories burned? Or should you rest up and eat well until you can get back on the horse. As I’ve noted at the bottom of the picture, make sure if you’re going to workout when ill that you’ve spoken to a doctor.


I’m going to keep you up to date as best as I can, I’m hoping to update Pinterest weekly and Twitter every other day, Fingers crossed you don’t get bored of me!

We’re going to be more ill as it gets through the Christmas season so make sure you eat well, keep active and rest when needed! Remember if you need a healthy recipe I have a hearty winter soup to keep your spirits up, so you can come here and find some tasty treats to keep you healthy!


Just to keep you cheerful on this cold weekend day :
It’s world sweet day, it’s mostly in America but why not treat yourself?

The very first Sweetest Day, which was originally called “Sweetest Day of the Year”, was pronounced as October 8, 1921.   Kingston created this day to give something or to do something nice to those less fortunate than oneself.  A “Sweetest Day of the Year” committee was formed.


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