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Makeup Tutorial.

RAWR, so random makeup tutorial for halloween, fancy dress, and blar.. origionally i used it to fill up my spare time/ scar my mum, but i’m getting better at it, its a learning curb.

What you’ll need:

Cuts .
Putty/playdough (or even tape)
Eyeliner, Black liquid pen.
Fake Blood
Face powder

To create a long wound/cut.

  1. Mix yellow Red and white playdough/putty to create a near skin colour dough.
  2. Place the dough on your skin in a long flat line and press down until its only slightly raised.
  3. Put on your concealer and face powder, to blend the putty to your skin.
  4. Using a butterknife,tooth pick,dead pen, draw a line down the centre and press down again, repeat twice.
  5. Put a small amount of fake blood on the back of your hand and mix in two small blobs of eyeliner ( enough to change the colour of the blood with out changing the texture too much) use your hand because it warms up the mixture.
  6. Drip the mixture into the grove of your ‘cut’ and leave it for 3 mins ( just to stick to your skin, but not so its dried)
  7. be creative, splash the left over fake blood with a toothbrush around your cut.
  8. Optional – create a bruise around your cut. (follow bruise tutorial.)
  9. Now remove the putty.

You should be left with a white mark around your realistic cut where the concealer didn’t reach, in real life you get this white mark because the blood rushed to the cut and away from the surrounding area, hopefully little bits of putty will be stuck to your skin and it will look like skin peeling from your leg.

With Putty still on the leg:

Removed putty:

New video for this!!!

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