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Here are the updates for 2011’s summer clothing.


Fashion News For June.

Belts are back! 2 years ago everyone was buying waist sintchers and last years trend left alot of belts going to waste.. however belts are back and..stranger then ever, this summers new trend is oriental belts. 

Women’s wear Summer 2011 
I’m having difficulty finding clothing i like on the milan fashion updates, most are hideous. 

Milan Fashion Summary: Masculine/androdionous look. Mysterious,Plain.
D&G and GUCCI: 80’s, colourful, bright, random, clashing, warm wear, knitted clothing and layers, there is also alot of old style ways to finish the outfit like frindging, ‘bobbling’ ( this is when knitted fabrics look worn in, like fadded jeans)

Men’s Wear Summer 2011

Men’s Fashion week in Milan, and fashion month for paris, China and London.When twilight came out, everyone wanted their men to be either soft looking or rugged looking and there was a war between the two for 2 years, but soft has won over the hearts of our fashion guru’s and men’s wear is..well, more gay then ever

Soft Rocker.
It looks like edwards style’s deffinately comming into fashion.
  • Pale vampire like face.
  • ‘I’m grumpy’ Moody pout.
  • Edwardian style

So men need to wear light pastel colours for summer and grow their hair into 80’s length… yep, looks like i’m going to be dating women this season..(litterally, they really look like women.)

I found one!
One outfit in fashion week i think actually looks manly, oh except for the women’s clothingh, so men are turning feminin and women are tuning masculine..What’s the fashion world coming to?


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