The Epilator

It sounds so, robotic and futuristic, hmmm..weird. So Anyway, beauty is everything and so it has been since the 90’s, screw the 80’s and natural beauty, we want fake b–bs,bums and tums.. Anyway..
 My mum’s always said that shaving causes your hair to grow back thicker and darker but that’s not true, here are some facts about hair removal:
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Why does shaving give me dots on my legs and why does it grow back so thick?

An upclose view of a folicle shows that it grows in layers starting from a thick base growing gradually thinner and thinner, when you cut of your hair with a razor you cut it off at the thickest point so when it grows back it has to grow back the thinner layers gradually, which is why it looks thicker, thus looking darker too.

How can I keep my legs hair free for a long time?  

waxing,tweezing… the easier but more painful options,when you shave your just cutting off the hair, when you wax or tweeze you remove the root of the hair which means you’ll be hair free for upto a month and when it grows back it will look reduced (because it’ll grow back in thin layers,read above)and feel softer. When tweezing ( with an epilator) still go from knee to foot. 
Epilators are inexpensive and cost effective, instead of buying a new razor every two weeks you only have to buy it once! They can cost anywhere from 6.00 to 70.00 bu,t in my opinion, they all work fantastically and are well worth the money. I have an epilator from 2003 that still works perfectly, it was a display piece and was cut from £30 down to £15!  It stings for the first 5 seconds as does waxing, but you get used to it and it feels so much better then having shaved stubbly legs.
Over time I have gotten used to the sensation, my ankles and calves are still sensitive but the rest of my legs are very resilient to the pain.
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How they work:
They work but having sets of tweezers lined up on a roller, they spin at high speeds to collect as many hairs as possible when they are next to your skin, they don’t catch your skin or hurt they’re just the right size for the hair. This is the one i have, the roller guide is so you can feel that pressing on your skin, it almost takes your mind off it, but its there for you to guide the epilator.

How can I stop ingrowing hair? 

Depending on your natural hair the follicles come out at different angles, like the diagram shown above, as the hair gets longer and heavier it tends to point southwards to the ground.
If you shave from your ankle upwards you’re pushing the follicle to grow in a different direction which can cause irritation and rashes so ALWAYS shave from knee to foot, it won’t be such a close shave but it won’t cause ingrowing hairs.

Top tips:
Take a hot bath before epilating.
Leave the hair a day or two after shaving for optimal hair length.
Stay away from lotions and perfumes before and after epilating (at least 24 hours) as they can cause irritation.


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