Tutorial Tuesday: Mr.Saxobeat.

Post By MissieMai

Sexy Stan 
Aswell as being the single most catchy song i’ve heard, Alexandra Stan takes first place in my ‘woman crushes’, She’s gorgeous she has a great accen and she sings. Her makeup,wardrobe and body make me into a crazed fan. 
This song is just A-mazing.

How to get her style

So I’ve had a browse and I’ve found parts of her outfit or similar clothing,then looked around youtube for makeup that’s similar too.


Biker Jacket: Black open ‘lapel’ chest piece.

Belt: Silver, Double Studded and one smaller stand of studs.( you might want to buy two or 3 and layer them)

Top: Dark blue corset top, boneless and heart shaped chest shape.(alternative link)
The rest of the outfit is just Dark skinny jeans (she wears pvc like trousers..)black short length ‘biker’ gloves and silver and black jewellery.

She has a sharp dark eye with barely any blending, and only slightly bronzed cheeks with a nude lip colour.

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