Finally the tap tap taping of the keyboard has been put to good use.

I’m published!
My book For the love of lentils is out now on Amazon’s kindle store and i could not be happier.

The book focuses on healthy eating and promoting lentils as a great source of low fat good proteins.I have sough out to give you the best ideas and Information on lentils, to knowing what is good for your body is key. I have collected amazing recipes to try out, to give you an extra push on your way to becoming fitter and healthier.

For the love of lentils is $2.99 (US) or £1.55 (UK) so it comes in the lower end of any health books and is affordable for most incomes, so everyone can take this and put the information to good use, helping them eat healthier and live healthier lives.
Six packs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.

I hope that by publishing this book i am one step closer to my goal of a knowledgeable and healthy world. 
The book took a hold of me in the end of June 2014 and by July i had 14 recipes created and perfected and half of the text written. 
Overall i spent 300 hours on writing and editing the book, layout, text font, too much information, too casual? I wanted to create a recipe book that guided the way to your own explorations in the kitchen and was as basic as possible, children can make most of the recipes in the book as every step is completely explained for easy reading.
I’m currently still doing insanity and i’m now half way through my 5th month! I’ve calmed down my strength workouts and my biceps were getting larger then i liked, however, i am amazed at the results. 
Healthy eating really is 80% of the overall achievement.
On to my next adventure…


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