Okay so It’s not my first week, not really. I’ve been vegan briefly to test out the diet when I first wrote the diet dictionary, I like to get involved in all diets so I can give a proper opinion on each one. This time around was a lot more thought provoking.

Meaning, I spent the last 8 months engaging in the vegan community, watching vegan YouTubers and trying to understand what all the cons were.

Looking back on my first ever taste of vegan posts I was so unaware of the struggle it is to be vegan. I’ve written article after article hovering over the idea of making this big change.

Morally, veganism is easy. In reality, it’s hard.

Going vegan to reduce your intake of meat, whether for health or for the moral stand point is always great. Doing that full time though can really become a struggle. I probably shouldn’t say that, It might make you question whether you want to try it too. I will always encourage veganism, especially now I have understood it more. (see my reasons in the video).

The problem I’ve found is creating a lovely and balanced meal that isn’t repetitive. The food is varied but you have to be very creative to keep it interesting, or, run the risk of buying ready made meals. Try it, even just briefly if you have to. Make a choice to be better.

Did I forget something? I hope not.

The point I’m desperately trying to make is that my diet has changed but my website won’t. I’m sharing this because this is my channel, it’s part of me and what I want for myself and the world. I am not here to tell you what diet to take, I try to advocate and provide effective meals for all diets.

Please don’t assume I will change the recipes I provide on here, as you can see, Thursday’s recipe is a lamb curry! I want to share all recipes with you, so enjoy yourself but also, educate yourself. Whether that be reducing your meat one day a week or cutting it out completely taking the conscious decision out to even consider it is better than nothing!

Amy-May Hunt

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    • I’ve had that reaction from a lot of people, but the more animal products you cut from the diet the more you’re helping the environment!
      My fella does 2 meat free days a week and is getting more conscious of it! Fingers crossed it’ll rub off on the rest of the family! 🙂

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