He’s the oldest of the new generation and today is his birthday!!

To mark this stupendous occasion I want to embarrass him talk about him and share some amazing memories we’ve had together, after all, everything he’s done and will do will effect his cousins and siblings. Experiences for a new generation! God that sounds strange doesn’t it? But yep, he is the oldest of the gang, the go-to-guy for all his cousins, brothers, nephews and nieces..sisters? maybe, and I couldn’t think of anyone better suited.

I know, I’ve turned into one of those aunts mentioning him whenever I can. The thing is, I’m not just ‘one of those aunts’ that raves about their nephews and nieces. He actually is pretty amazing.

Having started off his life with a horrendous case of Eczema.Covered all over, even on his eyelids. He was so brave even from his first few months. He spent the first few years either being coated in cream of crying because his itches just won’t stop. Even with such an awful condition, he was always the happiest baby and then toddler you can imagine. Making the best out of a bad situation our little Joshua was the strongest toddler in town.

Things happen, kids have little bumps and grazes down the way and it can knock their confidence. Our strong little Joshua became a weary of new experiences and spent more and more time with us, his family. I think it made him feel safe and that’s what we all want as a child. To feel safe.

After the age of 5 he began to scrape that confidence back, making friends at school. Standing up to bullies and defending himself, even against his little brother (he’s a confident little thing!). I think James has really helped Joshua become more strong-willed, able to say no to him and fight for himself. Almost 2 years now and Joshua’s confidence has sky rocketed, he’s achieved so much since turning 6…

Your Achievements during 2016.

Joshua Turned 6 this year, right at the start. The end of January and the start of the new year! He has always been very shy and sensitive but this year he has boosted his confidence and achieved so much;

January; Happy Birthday Joshua, 6 today! – You’ve just had a new hair cut and it’s sleek and swooping over your eyes. Trend setter.

March; Joshua wrote a story about his experience at the dinosaur show in Birmingham and sent it off to recieve his first Blue Peter badge.

April; Joshua met a dragon on St Georges day in Tamworth castle and celebrated with his cousin on her 6th Birthday.

May; Joshua learnt how to read unaided he’s off to a flying start. You can’t hide any birthday cards or letters from Santa from him.

June; Joshua’s gained an interest in exercise (finally!) and his school invited an olympian to do a health talk.

July; Joshua got his first pet – Barney the dog! Barney is a Boston terrier with a passion for cuddles. He’s a blast of energy and knocks over any new visitors to the house.

August; Joshua, Aunty Amy and James travelled to the caravan in welshpool in Grandads car and spent 3 days there. We travelled over to Barmouth too for a few days where we spent the time with Aunty Emma’s family . The weather was awful but we had a great time, playing cards, going to the park and walking around the shops.

September; Joshua went down to London and received his 10 meters swimming. He can even open his eyes under water!

October; Me and Uncle Tom took you to Olivia 5th Birthday party. You were shy to go on the bouncy castle at first but Uncle Tom got on with you and after 5 minutes you were off making new friends. – You’ve really gotten your kicking skills mastered.

November; Joshua moved into his first house! lost his two front teeth – they’ve been missing for almost 3 months to date. New friend Cian; he went out on a day trip without his family. To dudley zoo with his friend and his friends mum, his first day out!

December; Joshua had his first sleepover with his First Best Friend.

What are you like..eh?

Hilarious # Awkward.

He’s such a drama 🙂

You just seem to get humour, even adult sarcastic humour..you’re away giggling in the
corner. Joshua is so advanced with his sense of humour, of course we still get the ‘poo’ jokes and the ‘eeeh, smells like cheese’ moments from him but he can make the most awkward situations hilarious. You know when you’ve stood in silence for a few minutes and noone knows what else to say? Joshua will just say “Well, this is awkward” and everyone bursts out laughing. We’ve gotten used to it now he’ll randomly say awkward when he wants to make you laugh. 

A flair for the dramatic.

I was asking myself where got that from in the middle of my high kicks and spins. We all do that, don’t we? Until it dawned on me, his drama comes from us! Our family is very over the top with our emotions and outbursts of drama. My sister and I have definitely influenced his dance moves and operatic displays! 

Considerate and emotional

At 6: He went through his first real loss. My little dog max passed away.

I was absolutely devastated, of course. So my parents told the little ones that he’d gone and wasn’t able to come back. My brave Joshua, ever so restrained, burst out with awkward laughter and hobbled over to me with his head down “I’m not happy, I just don’t want to be sad” then he squeezed me and said with a stunted giggle. “I’m not trying to laugh…I just don’t know how to stop”. It must’ve taken all he had in him to squeeze that out, It sounds insincere but my family have this awful habit of nervous laughter..whenever something painful happens we feel so many emotions but close our selves off to it I suppose so we don’t hurt as much.

It’s a hard emotion to go through and as a child you’d mix the emotions up and for a six-year-old to even notice he was struggling with his emotions is so far beyond me. That’s why It meant so much to me. It really showed me how alike we are. He was trying his best not to hurt my feelings, he was considering me.

Supportive and caring

We all get comments like “wow, your kids are so well behaved” and for my sister Louise it’s probably something on the regular. I hope, she hears “wow, your boy is so kind and generous”. The type of child who offers a stranger a crisp, or asks the elderly woman if she needs help -both real life situations.

He loves his little brother, yeah – they fight. Boy do they fight, climbing over each other and moaning about who turns the light off in the kitchen. Does that mean they don’t love each other? On the contrary. Joshua protects James perfectly, he lets him explore just enough to be confident by himself but will guide him and advise him on what’s the right thing to do. – Look at this picture of James looking into the pond. Joshua’s protecting him – always.

Joshua’s protecting him – always.


It’s not always rosy…He’s been a bit naughty.

I want to keep my account of him as honest and reliable as I can. So when we look back at this in 5-1o years time we can really remember what he was like at this age. That includes the naughty and mischievous things we do. This year joshua has definitely come out his shell a bit more. Learning to explore and test the boundaries, not always with the best outcome but, that’s how we learn.

Saying bad words – Coming of age 

Joshua’s definitely at that age where he thinks he’s old enough to say that dreaded word…’No’. I’m not too sure how old he thinks he is but it’s nested somewhere mid-teens I’d say. He thinks he’s too old to wash his hands, too old to ‘tidy up’ and too old to listen to instructions. I asked him to take something into his bedroom and he saidnah, don’t want too” So I looked at him and said, “when do you say no to me, Mr?” with a wink and he laughed and took it straight to his room. Pushing the boundaries is always a great thing but not when It’s about doing your chores. haha!

Back chatting 

It’s like sass really, this year. Perhaps the last few months he’s been saying things like “Shut up” “Ugh I don’t care” and sounding really unlike himself. Even inconsiderate to an extent but…The thing is, I want to apologise to him! He whole-heartedly doesn’t mean to say it, you can see it in his eyes. Flashes of panic and guilt, As a child these words are thrown around by adults and other children so when the urge comes to say if it falls out of your mouth. If we as adults said what we really meant when we think it we’d be in his shoes too! He’ll learn how to control it but for now, it’s super funny.

Hitting his brother 

Well this one is always a tough topic. Kids hit, they have outbursts it’s natural. Pent up anger is easier for adults (most of the time) as we can explain how we feel and why we feel angry but for a six year old. It’s a complex and emotional thing!

“Did you just hit your brother?” – I asked

“Yes” (always truthful)  He looked sheepish and immediately upset with himself.

“Why did you do that, he’s smaller than you. You can never do that” – Why, why did you do it?” – I’d never seen him do this before so it really took me aback.

“I don’t know. I just do it sometimes. I can’t stop, I just have this urge to hit him and I can’t stop my brain in time, it just happens.” – He was very upset and emotional about why he did it and couldn’t bare to look me in the eyes.

I explained how and why we don’t hit and got him to say sorry and hug his little brother but it took a while he genuinely couldn’t understand why it was bad to hit. I guess he’s never really seen violence in the real world, only in movies and it just took him by surprise? – Either way he doesn’t do it anymore!


This one is my favourite one but also something to be weary of. Joshua’s learnt that if people don’t see what he does then he can get away with it. So he’s been sneaking food out of the fridge, hiding things and not being completely truthful. The funny thing is he’s an awful liar, he hasn’t got it in him to say anything except for the truth so he’ll either cry or end up in a fit of giggles.

Stroppy stroppy moo moo

He’s not a fan of being told no – who is? Before the age of around 6 everything is ‘yes dear’ and ‘ofcourse dear’ but when you get to the age where you can start putting away your clothes, putting on your own coat and shoes then you gain that independence. Which means you’re relied upon more and expected more of. So when we say no..It really hit’s hard.

You’re not a big fan of the word no and go in emotional strops for quite some time, you calm down after a cup of tea or a biscuit.


From your Family

Nanny thinks you’re: “Brave. Empathetic, Creative and Positive.”

Grandad thinks you’re: “Happy, Intelligent and creative”

Uncle Andrew: “Silly, Weirdo, Funny and Entertaining.”

Mommy and daddy think you’re: “Brave,Amazing, kind and unique but best of all he’s ours.”

And I think you’re all of the above, you’re an amazing child and you’ll be an amazing adult I have no doubts! 


My little blue-eyed wonder boy.

I talk about him all the time but he’s just a black diamond, so unlike anyone else I’ve ever known (and I work with kids for a living). He’s empathetic, emotional and more supportive than most adults I know. He’ll get up to offer you drinks, share his sweets or just hug you if he’s not shown affection in a while. I hope he’ll always be as amazing as he is, I’ll try my best to show him that being supportive is so valuable in a world that can be so cut off.

He has become the kindest, most generous child I have ever met and I am so proud to call him my nephew.

For Joshua, Love 



Amy-May Hunt

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