New years blues.

So, new years over, I’ve put on over 6 lbs and I’m bloated out of control! So, what’s my plan?… Nothing. I’m going to stick to my normal routeen of a basic workout. Eat my normal protein breakfast, light lunch large dinner.

Why will i lose weight? – I’m liquid fasting on Mondays. 

Why this works?… well.

A liquid fast will detox your body from needing food, the restricted calorie intake means your daily intake is greatly reduced and you’re still full.It is proven that less calories can help you live longer, the pancreas is repairing its cells,Instead of burning the food in your digestive system when you’re eating less.
 The liquid fast for ME is, Sunday night i eat as normal and have a large glass of water before bed. Extra water means I’m not dehydrated and craving food. I only have liquids until the Monday night, this means my body hasn’t had to strain to burn off the hard lumps of food because the food is liquid already.

Here are some good liquids to take.
Soup is THE most filling thing for your digestive system.
Yoghurt and berry puree’s
Food puree’s
Peppered drinks ( to speed up metabolism)
Non sugary drinks ( not sugar free, they’re loaded with ‘chemical sugar’)

Sugary foods spike insulin which makes us store fat in our body. Not good! – I’m imiting sugar this month:  Weekly intake
Instead of 4 cokes a week i’m cutting to 1 = 1000 calories- 250
Instead of 2 sugars in my 35 coffees i’m cuttin to 21 coffees with 1 sugar.= 2240 calories-1344
No chocolate! (or shall i say stored fat maker) – 1000 calories

4240 – 1594 = 2646 calories saved!!

Other diets restrict food which we know our bodies need to give us vitamins and will make us crave food that is unhealthy for us.
Our body uses metabolism to burn off the fat, the more you eat the more your metabolism will work to burn fat. So eating small meals will burn fat ( but it keeps your brain active on food, craving more food!!)


Quick Notes
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Also, making fresh pasta with me next Thursday! 🙂   

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