Agh, It’s really a long time coming isn’t it?

I’ve written a post recently on the super sugar drug

And there are countless of posts I’ve written about my cravings for junk foods, sugary treats and all of the sugary recipes I’ve made in the past. I made a sugar free banana loaf last week and since then I repeatedly noticed how often I eat sugar. Chocolate at the forefront of my binging habits.

Ahh, It pains me to say..

No more chocolate for me.

I’m going cold turkey.

It’s not that I’m just giving it up for a trend, I honestly think it’s detrimental to my health that I ditch the stuff. It’s only for 30 days and it’s for a good cause ( British heart foundation have set it up).hocolate

I worked that last week I ate around 800g of chocolate, around 700 calories in chocolate alone. That’s my lunch and all of my daily drinks worth of calories, just in chocolate.

It’s around;

  • an hour of skipping,
  • 50 minutes of jogging,
  • 88 minutes of walking,
  • a pound of weight in five days (just in chocolate!!)
  • a weeks worth of sex! (Yup, I know..might start eating it as an excuse)

So, instead of gorging myself on chocolate, I’m going to replace it with prunes, apricots, bananas, coffees and other sweet replacements. I love fruity snacks anyway so I’m hoping it’ll  be relatively smooth for me, but when I eat fruit I feel like I reward myself with chocolate.

The amount of times I cover bananas in honey or nutella, then I feel awful for ruining my healthy eating.

The problem is, since starting my new job I’ve not been able to do my workouts, yoga or running, so I’ve packed on the pounds I should’ve been burning off (I normally eat to maintain my weight). It sounds drastic but I’ve put on 2lbs in 8 days, just from my sugar cravings, which is what lead me to read up more on sugar addiction and thus finding this brilliant campaign.*If you want to sign up.

What you have to commit to…

The Idea is that the majority of people eat around 100g of chocolate per week, by cutting out such a high fat and sugary food source for 30 days, you’re benefitting your own health and raising money for the British Heart foundation. 

If you don’t want to sign up, just commit to yourself. You don’t have to cut chocolate out completely, just be mindful of what you’re eating and how much sugar is in the stuff.

Think of all the good it’ll do you!

My rules
I’ve decided to set myself some guidelines, just to keep myself on track a bit. I’m not one for doing this cold turkey, or to sticking with things for long. Which is why I investigated in alternative dieting and eating methods, because diets suck. They’re too restrictive.

My thoughts are I can eat chocolate, it’s the sugar in chocolate that’s bad for me.
I’m allowed;
2 coffees with 2 sugars a day. (4 tsps) or one take-out coffee
1 biscuit per week (around 1tsp of sugar)
As much fruit & nuts as I like.
50g of dark chocolate a week (80% or higher) that’s half a block.

It means I’ll be cutting out around 1400 calories a week in refined sugar, ( I eat a tonne of natural sugar) so fingers crossed I’ll be tireder for two days but perkier for the rest of the week, what do you reckon?

I’m sorry to say..I’ve got a Sugar free chocolate brownie bake coming up on Wednesday (on the main blog). I didn’t think about the dates lining up and wanted it to be my ‘big send off’ from chocolate.


A photo posted by Amy-May (@purelyamy) on Feb 27, 2016 at 11:38am PST

I know? How am I supposed to resist chocolate when It’s what I write about, what I eat daily..what I crave!

I tried to cut out chocolate yesterday, as an experiment but even with a no-chocolate alternative I found myself needing the extra sugar. God, I’m so rubbish at this.

Also, I went to air jump last week, spoke about it several times since, on the main blog and on this one too…guess where I went yesterday. Haha! Tom’s become addicted to it! So my back is killing today which means I’m stuck in the house all day, surrounded my chocolate and sugary coffees. Give me strength! Fingers crossed for me. I really don’t want to break this, but If I do..You’ll be the first to know! (Watch out for Next Saturday’s giveaway on the blog too)


Amy-May Hunt

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