Reasons why most people give up before the end of a diet.Lack of Motivation, why do we get it?

This may sound like I’m asking for praise and I’m not (well..sort of) It’s just one of those things everyone encounters through weight loss.

lack of motivation

I’m well into my ‘life-change’  and weight loss interlude and I understand people why people react badly to me talking about health and weight loss, because as far as they’re concerned ‘I look healthy effortlessly’.

Not true – I work bloody hard. 

Which is fine, they don’t know how long it has taken me to get here. I’m glad that they do, because people want quick fixes so  they come to me for this ‘effortless’ advice and stay for the long-term motivation.


So when it comes to me and my ‘bigger’ friend eating the same healthy foods, who do you think gets the praise?

Yup, you guessed it.. the ‘big’ girl! We could both be trying our hardest, me for four years but her new diet change means she’s making an effort now, so my efforts are

It’s just as hard for me to eat a plain salad as it is for the larger girl. We could both be trying our hardest and yet because I’m now four years down the line of a healthy eating scheme I’m somewhat immune to negative comments. Yes, I’m having a moan but I’m entitled too, I worked my butt off to train, and teach myself what ‘true health’ is…

Where does lack of motivation come from?

Lack of motivation to workout, eat well or even do our daily chores. It’s nothing new, we like to do as little work for as much gain (who wouldn’t?). So when we get a little bit of praise for a lot of work it means the world, right?  Sometimes its nice to hear “you look great” or “well done with your healthy diet.”

Sometimes you don’t the praise and sometimes you actually get negative comments and its about learning to cope with the negatives that aren’t associated with weight loss.

Typical negative associations with weight loss are:

  • Negative self-image with yourself.
  • Negative self-image from others, projected onto you.
  • Comments about you not being able to; complete your ‘diet’, it won’t last. Fad diets don’t work,
  • Temptation from social media, family and friends.
  • Lack of energy,
  • Lack of self-esteem,
  • An overall Unhappiness, work, family, money

These things said;

Everyone forgets the important negatives, friends and family can become bitter towards you for making a change. Not because they don’t love you but because they believe this change will effect you relationship with them.

Will you still go out for meals together, will you have things in common? It can put their mind in doubt over your relationship.

 Here’s an insert from my book:

“People will comment through their own guilt, they know what they should be eating and they know that with you changing then they will lose common ground with you. When I was larger I was often asked if I wanted to “Really eat that’” .

I go on to explain why they’re saying it, how you can talk about it, how you can continue with your weight loss in a healthy and easy way.  “Trust me, times will get tough and you’ll want to give in, you probably will a few times, but never think you’re weak because of it, you’re smart because of it. You will learn that our weakest times teach us about the strongest times.”
In short? Our failures make us stronger, so don’t give up on your goals. 80% of people who start a diet or weight loss plan fail within the first 2 weeks. So if you’re passed that, then you’re past the hard part, now its just maintaining the drive to achieve what you set out to achieve.

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