5 ways to lose inches quickly

5 ways to lose inches quickly

We all love a quick fix – right? The problem is the fact that we are so desperate for a quick fix means we’re in more of a jam then we think. Most diets aren’t fixed by removing one thing, it’s normally a well-organised routine and diet plan that will get you to the place […] Read more…

2016 Weight gain and 2017 weightloss goals.

I hate to use the term ‘weight loss’ as for me, It’s mostly fat loss and muscle gain so my weight stays pretty steady. The issue is people wouldn’t respond if I had titled this “My Inch loss for 2017”. So let’s get into the juicy gossip shall we? I gained weight – A lot […] Read more…

Thank you for 2016

Agh I know, I say thank you far too much but at this time of year it’s always busy which means more readers and views (the worst to take a break). But that’s exactly what I do. I normally only take a week off and some even just a few days but this year I […] Read more…

Alternative Christmas Meals for a healthy Menu

What Christmas means to me

As someone who always struggled to understand what ‘Christmas’ was, I’m hoping that this will be of interest to any and all of those who read this. I found like my unique upbringing tells for a great story. It’s rarely something I talk about, this is a health site after all. The thing is, the […] Read more…

Cranberries, what are the health benefits?

The health benefits of Cranberries

A Christmas staple but they’re great all year round! What’s the sweet gem got going for it? A tonne of health benefits that’s what! Cranberries are no longer a drink to soothe irritational and inflammation, it’s actually a pretty great health food too. So I’m promoting it to a grocery item must-have. As far as […] Read more…

Best Foods to eat to avoid getting sick

Best Foods to Eat (and What to Avoid) When You Get Sick

Rick, from TopStretch.com has really saved my bacon this week. He’s swooped in to offer some brilliant advice on what foods you can eat to avoid getting sick. A huge issue at this time of year! He’s also,  very kindly, included a guide on foods to eat whilst you’re ill. Something I had covered previously […] Read more…

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