Paleo meals and recipe ideas for a weekly menu

Weekly Menu alternative ( I have two menus now). What is

What is the paleo diet, explained. The paleo diet is essentially the ‘basic’ human fuel diet.For thousands of years we had no way of combining grains and fats to create foods that we have today, those foods are now stuffed full of saturates, salt sugar and tonnes of chemicals. This diet is just saying “don’t eat non-handmade food”, yes there are purists out there who won’t have even olive oil (even though it’s essentially pure) and they won’t have corn because of the high sugar contents, but that’s their choice.

As I’ve said before Paleo can also be changed in several ways, you have purists (cavemen), casual cavemen and modern-paleos, most of these recipes are modern-paleo’s as they include processes and blending techniques not normally used by traditional paleo dieters.

A paleo Menu for a week! Gluten free Low GI pure foods

Paleo Meal plans

If you’re only doing paleo for 2 days a week then this should last you for a whole month! There are tonnes of options in the paleo lifestyle, as it’s not a diet, it has no restrictions but information and guidance of what you should eat or shouldn’t eat making sure you’re informed properly! Remember, in the paleo diet you’re making healthy choices, not restricted ones!

Paleo Breakfast options.

Walnut crunch Ice cream Pic
Banana Ice cream/smoothie

Eggs: All forms of eggs, Scrambled, Boiled, Poached, Omlette.

A banana and one other piece of fruit,
3 pieces of fruit; Strawberries melon, citrus fruit,
Fruit smoothies; banana and a piece of fruit blended with ice or freeze your bananas for a thick ice cream consistency.
Sweet Muffins By Jay
Veggie smoothies with fruit
Roasted tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms.

The naughty options
Roasted tomatoes peppers, mushrooms sausage bacon and egg.
Bacon cups
Savoury Muffins
Sweet Muffins by Jay

Paleo Lunch & Dinner Options
Zucchini Carrot QuicheThis is where I normally include a protein, lunches and dinners are so much simpler then breakfasts, they’re really versatile and if you’re doing a rice dinner you’re allowed a few teaspoons of plain rice with it so that’s even easier. That being said I love cauli rice so much I barely eat white rice now.

Zucchini Carrot Quiche
Paleo Cauliflower Pizza
Spaghetti made from squash or courgette and pesto

Prawn skewers, sweet and sour or spicy.
Persto Salmon and rice
Bacon SkilletSea Bass and vegetables with lemon.
Spicy Tuna Burgers

Chicken salad
Chicken and broccoli
Terriyaki chicken skewers

20 Paleo Meatballs RecipesBarbeque Chicken Paleo Pizza
Sweet potato bacon skillet.

Slow cooker sweet and sour beef
Proper roast beef.

Minced beef.
20 meat ball recipes to knock your socks off.
Chilli con Carne with cauliflower rice
Paleo Sloppy joes.

These are just my suggestions, firstly because I love them and secondly because I genuinely have tried most of these on the menu, I love eating paleo, you feel full and energised and you know it’s doing you good.If you still feel like theres something missing you can browse my paleo section in the recipes corner or keep checking back, I’m adding to this weekly.

I hope you give a few of these a go, whether you’re paleo or not, they’re really spectacular. Who knows, you might try it full time.



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