I was recently sitting in the pub and decided to plan our next holiday and all of these questions came up. So, whilst I’m planning my holiday I will write a list of the basic ways to plan a holiday.

Firstly, and I think most important.

What’s your budget?

A typical abroad holiday can come in between £90-£200 per day! So make sure you know your budget before diving in at the deep end.

Make the most of the budget you have.

Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, you can work out how far you can travel and what you can afford to treat yourself to. Staying closer to home can offer you some great bargains, from B&B’s to hotel stays. Each from £10-£60 per night!

Don’t limit yourself to that budget strictly, sometimes just adding an extra £20 to a budget last minute can afford you all-inclusive extras and upgrades so be a bit lenient!

Don’t forget, you can browse my ‘how to book a bargain holiday’ for the best holiday deals. From last minute bookings to years in advance cruises!

Who is going?
Once you sort out numbers you can workout your spendings. Sometimes booking in larger groups can help reduce costs. It’s not unheard of to publish your holiday ideas to a small group of friends and ask if they’d like to join to reduce costs.

When do you want to go?
Planning the date will change prices so you can choose to go for longer in a less popular time and save money, or go to somewhere expensive in non-peak times.

However, peak times mean more excursions and possibly better offers on location, do your homework and ask for bargains.

What kind of holiday do you want?
This goes with when, if it is a clubbing holiday it will be during summer months if it is for sight seeing you’re probably better during non-peak times since the tourists will be everywhere and it can cause long journeys.

How long do you want to travel for?
You don’t want to spend 12 hours travelling for only a 3 day holiday. Traveling on planes at non-peak times save money, anytime from 11pm-5am saves money!
Last minute bookings are risky but can cut plane tickets by 75%

Where are you staying?
If you stay in a hotel right in the action prices increase up to 35%, where as stopping in one 10 mins away could mean you get extra add-ons just for your custom.
Renting a villa can be costly unless you are in a big group- Perks are personal space and possibly a bargain. Cons are that you will miss out on entertainment, all inclusive, good locations, the added help of brochures, staff that could recommend you local things.


Secondary Questions.
Where shall we go?

Cultural: morocco, spain, turkey, Venice,

Boozey: Malia, benidorm

Main attraction ect Disney OR the pyramids, Eiffel tower.



Pop a comment, let me know what you think..