Perfume on a fitness site?

Yep! That’s what I’m talking about today folks. I’m sure you can appreciate that even the health concious and fitness minded love a good sprits of something every now and then.After being at such an amazing event last week It’s really changed my opinion on my blog. I use it as a health and wellness site but it’s also part of me. The brand is me and as such I feel It’ should reflect my thoughts and feelings at that time.

That’s why I’m reviewing this my perfume. 

Whilst at the event I was sat at a long table with 2 other girls, Nikki & Fleur both of whom don’t specify as beauty bloggers but were head over heels for their perfumes. Nikki opted for a citrus blend with midnotes and Fleur had a sweet energising scent with few high and mid notes. I opted for a rich low-note ‘sports 21’ I believe it was named and then blended some mid and high notes so the scent carries throughout the day. I’m not sure the girls liked mine but, as they say

“Perfume is personal” – and it really was, each of us picked an array of random scents, some strong and musky, some ‘high notes’ were citrus’y and floral but each blend of scents created a unique signature perfume and I could not be happier with mine.


Ben – Our scent master extraordinaire was extremely patient with us. Being bloggers, we sat patiently and listened to all the information but still bombarded him with questions after. It was such a brilliant experience, we had the bottles in front of us and were able to select scents with an idea in mind and an expert in front of us. I handed my 2 scent blend to Ben who guided me on the right high-note to select, which turned my 2-note blend into a 3-note master piece. I’m not a fan of perfumes, as a fitness fanatic I rarely get to feel glam enough to wear it but being able to listen to someone talk about perfumes as though they were fine wines in a french winery made me appreciate that it is a luxury and one we can, now, all afford.

The brand clearly knows what it’s doing when it comes to pleasing customers, they offer a selection of services. From perfume parties, create your own perfumes with a group of friends or clients. Send a packaged ‘kit’  or send a luxury kit that has more selections of fragrances from floral to fruity. Their perfume kits are £40-£95 and I’m told this can normally cost upwards of £150-£200, their personalised perfume parties come in at £35 per person and..the best bit. (well I think so)


The perfume library

It must be the best smelling library! Sorry, that’s not accurate at all..but really they store your perfume ‘ID’ so it’s your signature blend for you to repurchase if you run out. So you can always keep stocked up your signature perfume. Like I say, my blend of Purely perfume….I can reorder it whenever I want and it comes in a nifty diffuser bottle for a ‘spritz’.


Product review/collaboration disclaimer & rant.

I don’t spray myself with perfume before a 5k or even revel in the luxury of having a perfume…perhaps at Christmas or my birthday I’ll get given one but I’ve never gone out with the intention of buying a perfume. Which, is why this review is so important to me and to this site specifically. You might think “she’s just in it for the freebie” but nothing on this blog is for free. It takes time and a lot of work so….

Is that so wrong of me to enjoy a product so much that I take time out ( a full day of photography, written work, editing liaising with the brand and networking this article) to talk about why I love a product so much?

So what if I get something out of writing about it, it’s a bloody great idea for a personalised perfume and I’m really thrilled to have had the experience I have had with them. Not a lot of people can say that about brands they promote. So yes, I am  reviewing this product in the hopes of getting something back from it but no, I am not doing it for free. I think my time is worth a lot, perhaps £60 a day so I have worked £60’s worth to get my little bottle of perfume and I think that’s time well spent.

Thank you for reading.


Amy-May Hunt

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  1. I really like the idea of a personalised perfume – being able to choose the scents and tones is a great way to make it match your personality and pheromones. It seems really reasonably priced too, which is a surprise. Thanks for the great review 🙂

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