Race for LIFE

Pick up your running shoes or your purse! No, this isn’t a plea for you to donate to me, this is a plea to donate to your health.
You can spend £15 and race and earn support for yourself, you can spend £15 and just not turn up, or you can spend… ANYTHING. 5p, 50p, £2.00, £30.00 by supporting someone else. The 5k isn’t a walk in a park (unless you walk it!) It is a lot of stress on the muscles, even of a keen workout bunny!

I’m an avid supporter of charities in general but this one is close to my heart- Chest. A lot of my family have had cancer, died from cancer. My grandmother luckily survived breast cancer 45 years ago (back when research was sparse) Imagine what we could in 2014 if they had just a little bit more support.

July is the month for fighting, every year in the midlands they host race for life in different areas so everyone can compete.

  • Things you will need on race day; a small bag,
  •  Your race number and some safety pins ( so your supporters can identify you in the mass of women) 
  • Multiple bottles of water.
  • Comfortable shoes and clothing, take layers incase of a weather change.
  • Tissues, your nose will run from the constant jogging, your eyes may stream and you WILL sweat.
  • A timer.

Rates of cancer per 100,000 women.
Breast cancer is at the top with 118  to which 21.9 die from it.

Thankyou for everyone that has donated or ran in the past and thankyou for those who have set up groups inspired by this post.


This is the real-life route that we ( the runners, walkers, skippers) are doing.

Amy ran with me last year and kept me motivated the whole way, i couldn’t have made it 1/2 of the way without her. We did the 5k in 39 minutes. She’s an inspiring woman with an inspiring personality. Amy has just set up a new blog ( Undomiel )which has a tonne of potential, it is a crafts/passion blog, giving you updates on what she loves to create, loves to witness being created.

Art is something you can have, something you can feel and something that stays with you.


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