Vegan Gin & Tonic Cake
A delicious, light & fluffy cake that’s vegan and super simple! All it needs is a packet cake mix of your choice, some fizzy pop and a dash of gin!
Servings Prep Time
8Slices 40Minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
25Minutes 1Hour
Servings Prep Time
8Slices 40Minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
25Minutes 1Hour
  1. Preheat the oven to 180 GM 5.
  2. Cut out 4 circles of baking powder to line the bottom of your baking tins.
  3. In 4 separate mixing bowls.Measure out 100g of your cake mix for each bowl. I used super tiny ones not realising the pop would bubble up like crazy. I recommend using cereal bowls or something of a similar size.
  4. Add in a half-shot of gin that has a colour and flavour in it, to each bowl. I used, Blue and almond for my bottom layer, Green, Yellow and red with raspberry flavouring for my top layer. // Don’t mix it in to the cake mix, the bubbles from the pop will help blend everything together.
  5. Create a small well in each bowl and pour in your fizzy pop (I used lemonade) one bowl at a time, mixing each bowl before pouring the pop into the next bowl. // Remember, the pop has to be freshly opened and the cakes need to go into the oven as quickly as possible. I found it easier to add a tiny bit of pop into the mix to loosen it up, then add in the remainder of the pop to keep the bubbles in it (a bit like making a swill roll and incorporating the fluffy eggs).
  6. Once each bowl is mixed pour it gently into your lined tins and pop them into the oven. They will take 12-15 minutes to cook through.
  7. Remove the cakes from the tins & leave them to cool on a wire rack for 20 minutes.
  8. Meanwhile, you can prepare your cashew frosting. If you have pre-made cashew cream or canned cream you can just add cornstarch to a small bowl with a few tsp of cashew cream and heat it up until thick add this to your cashew cream, flavouring and icing sugar.
  9. Then chill them in the fridge to firm.
  10. //If you’d like the coloured frosting, separate your frosting in 4 bowls which will take on 4 flavours and 4 separate colours. I organised mine in the layers of the cake; the blue bowl was the bottom layer so the blue bowl was closest to me etc..
  11. Once your cakes are cool you can then apply your frosting. I applied almond cream to each layer, stacked them and covered all of the layers in an almond crumb coat and chilled in the freezer for 40 minutes.
  12. Once the cakes are fully frosted and cooled you can start piping on your thick frosting or flooding on your thin frosting. //I used 4 different colours and flavours and started off decorating the drips down the side of the cake and slowly adding a few tsp of colour to the top for a nice swirl to fall down the sides. Yeah – I made a TONNE of mess!
  13. Serve immediately or you can freeze the cake for an hour for a really lovely chill with your Gin!
Recipe Notes

Note on using the pop:

I sent this recipe over to my sister who tried to replicate it and couldn’t. The Gin & Tonic cake MUST be baked immediately so the bubbles in the pop don’t go flat. I recommend either using 4 separate cake tins and one can of pop or using one tin and baking the 4 layers separately using a tiny bit of 4 cans, (It took me 3 hours all in all that way). Costs Less than £2 for the cake minus the frosting and booze, cashews are so pricey. It totals £5 with the frosting and for the amount of gin I used it was probably only £3 extra.