My restaurant review of Revolution bars. I get a few emails, quite regularly, with offers of sample products, events and networking opportunities, you meet up with other bloggers and like-minded people.Whilst I say yes to a few of them, but normally there’s not enough hours in the day to review everything and be everywhere at once. It’s hard work having two blogs and two part-time jobs you know.


When the opportunity popped up for a restaurant review I thought I’d treat myself and say yes, when I replied they also offered a guest place too, so I was able to bring Tom (which turned out to be hilarious).


Is a bar-restarurant, mostly as a nightclub sort of bar, there is relatively loud music played throughout the evening and an upstairs space to drink and dance. The downstairs is mostly booths and a long bar, so you can eat your dinner or browse the bar and move along the room for the evening. They’re well known for their selections of vodkas but they also had 3 menus of new and very tasty (If I do say so myself) cocktails.


Midlands, Southeast, southwest, wales, northwest, north east and scotland too! I’ve popped in the big locations but there are around 6-8 in each major city in Britain so you won’t be far from one.


The restaurant offered:
A main, desert and cocktail for both of us, paid for by them for an honest restaurant review.
We could pick from anything on the menu but they had new menus up when we went in so we asked for what ever was best. Good or bad, they get promotion, so they don’t mind..and what do I have to gain from twisting the truth (apart from cheesecake, they could offer me cheesecake!) – haha! but they haven’t.


We we’re booked in at 6.30, just about managed to get there on time (that’s another story for another time). The venue looked very ‘beachy’ it was wooden units, aged white wood and a very retro vibe going on. Copper lights, rubbed ash units, these awesome vodka displays all over the walls. Apparently they have their own vodka distillery selection, you can mix your own drinks from 36 choices of vodka.

The poor man was working a shift with two parties and me and tom ordering food so he was dashing about the place, you can’t say they don’t try hard at Revolution though, I’m sure he must walk a marathon every day.

Me and Tom were quite luckily with where we sat as we could see behind the bar, all speciality drinks and we could peep over at the bar man mixing the drinks. Freshly prepared juices, fruit slices and a lot of passion (yeah- really) went into the drinks and there was definite service with a smile.

The bar tender clearly loves what he does, he served us our beautiful, but strong, drinks freshly made and very quickly so by the time our huge portion of hand-battered cod and hand cut chips came out we were off our rockers (see the video!) but the food went down so easily. It was huge and not in the way that some

It was huge and not in the way that some pub chains do huge portions. Everything tasted amazing, which leads me onto the dessert…


Again, something was missing from my plate, it was some sort of chocolate ganache but for a review experience, it falls to them if they miss things out. I’m not paying for it so it didn’t bother me too much, just reminded me to note it down that they missed a fair few things that evening and it wasn’t even busy for food so I’m not sure what was going on. However, the desert, Tom’s specifically was gorgeous. On vintage style plates everything looked handmade and the flavours were incredible. Beautiful homemade apple pie and Tom had a NewYork cheese cake which he adored.


All in all we had a really lovely evening, from the fuzziness I can remember the rain outside, but that didn’t matter.The food and ambiance was amazing and made up for any shortfalls that occurred during the evening.

So, if you’re interested in going out for an evening I give it my stamp of approval for sure, thank you for reading my restaurant review!

Have a great week, Signaturelogosmllr

Amy-May Hunt

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