~My rhubarb and walnut crumble, delicious!

You can be traditional in a non traditional way 🙂


If you follow my blog semi-regularly you’ll know by now that I spend most of my time researching new dieting tips and diet plans so I can give the best advice to you on which may help individuals wishing to lose weight (see here)… and you’ll also know that I’ve since become completely hooked on the Paleo lifestyle…
I call it that because it doesn’t feel restrictive, it feels sensible, that being said I wanted to share some more (healthy recipes) that go along side the diet plan. So, buckle your seat belts, you’re in for a sweet ride.

Rhubarb and Walnut Crumble recipe

For the Rhubarb base

  • 5 Large stalks of Rhubarb
  • 4tbsp of Brown sugar
  • 1tbsp of honey

For the Crumble

  • 20g of walnuts
  • 5g of desiccated coconut
  • 2tbsp of almond flour (optional)

To start; You will need to chop and prepare your rhubarb, this may require washing and chopping leaves off! I chopped my rhubarb into 1″ lengths and put them in a large sauce pan, half filling it with cold water.

Bring the water up to the boil rotating the rhubarb, once the water has boiled the rhubarb will cook very quickly, so stay with it and do not stir it at this stage, it breaks up very quickly and becomes mushy!

Once the rhubarb is soft to the touch, bring it out of the pan, leaving the rhubarb juices behind, lay them in a deep pie dish, drizzle over the tbsp of honey and sift over 2tbsp of the brown sugar.

Now, back to those juices, noone likes a soggy and runny rhubarb crumble, so we’re going to turn it into a thicker consistency! Pop your remaining sugar into the liquid and bring it back up to the boil, stiring in the sugar that has settled to the bottom. Once there, bring it down to a simmer and leave to simmer for 5-10 minutes (or until 1/3 of the water has evaporated).

Pour the liquid gold, oh I mean rhubarb juices.. into the pie dish with your rhubarb, leave to cool.

Whilst your delicious desert is cooling slightly you can bring out your nutty toppings, put them all into a bowl or blender and crush until a crumbly texture is desired, the coconut is chewy so it really brings the walnuts together.

Sprinkle your crumble over the base and bake until warm (you could microwave it), but I like the tradition of oven baking it

For the Rhubarb base         |  For the Crumble             |Serves 8

5 Large stalks of Rhubarb                | 20g of walnuts                               |Low Fat ~ Low GI ~  Paleo
4tbsp of Brown sugar                       |5g of desiccated coconut                |Per Portion ~ 
1tbsp of honey                                  |2tbsp of almond flour (optional)  
Great with Icecream ~ Fruit ~ Honey ~ Yoghurt (non Paleo) ~ Tapioca custard ~
I know I’m paleo and supposed to be good about my sweet treats but I snook abit of traditional crumble over the top of mine (can’t help myself).. but, If you haven’t already have a look at ‘Paleo explained’ my first week of Paleo Meals and my Paleo review too!
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