The jogging Journey

As of 18th of April I started to record my pre-jog attitude and after workout feelings. I’m trying to persuade people that jogging can be easy and pleasant if you keep up with it and motivate yourself.I will be recording from Sunday morning through to Saturday and upload that weeks video for the next Sunday.

In each video, I will be honest about how I’m feeling, how long it took, the conditions and motivations I have to run and try to motivate you to do the same.

Starting from the 18/04/2015 my motivations to jog this week honestly are mostly for weightloss but secondly for race training, i’m hoping to get myself in the 8mile sutton fun run this year, the deadline has come and gone but my race partner was unable to sign up, so i delayed. Look where that has gotten me, eh?

From this week, commencing the 18/04/2015 Saturday.
4.67 miles on Saturday evening  (454calories)
0.0 miles on Sunday as I did a fair good strength session (240 calories)
1.7, 1.3 miles on Monday morning before work and then after work (355 calories) 
0.9, 0.5 miles on Tuesday morning before and then after work (300 calories)

The previous week  the 12/04/2015 (Saturday)
I managed to comppete a total of 12.6 miles over the week.
3.63 miles on Sunday (341 calories)
1.79 miles on Tuesday morning before work (175 calories)
2.48 miles on Wednesday evening after work (243 calories)
4.67 miles on Saturday evening (start of this video) (454calories)

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are you willing to #runforfun?


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    • I don’t really work out much in the week anymore, my fathers been quite ill so Sunday Jogs are the only thing I have left!
      Nutella and Banana is addictive, beware! 🙂

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