I will be vlogging this because it’s a recurring topic for me. As someone who has self-educated on health subjects, including muscle development, recovery and most importantly, nutrition! I like to think I’m the bees knees to dishing out advice when it comes to it and people now come to me for advice. My main site is normally one for hosting these sort of topics but I didn’t want to wait until saturday to publish this..

My mother has recently been told her cholesterol is sky-high and is now on the road to recovery with a food list from her doctor and a food plan from her daughter (Ie. me) we worked together to find foods she enjoys from the recommended list and we’ve put in the time to plan out her meals for the entire week. She can mix them up but as long as she keeps to the basics she won’t go over her fats and sugars for the day. BUT, I’ve been so focused on everyone else  I…forgot about me.

Exhausted! I’ve been in sleep comas in the middle of the day!

I’ve been neglecting my food for the past week and it’s caused me to fall back into old habits. I’m addicted to sugar, I’ve spoken about it before and promised to cut out chocolate (which I did, successfully) but other things crept in around me and I was oblivious to it. Even today it’s still new to me, I was sifting through the reasons why I’m so tired and I couldn’t work it out;

  • I’m not stressed
  • I’m sleeping fine
  • I’m eating regularly
  • Drinking plenty
  • and eating the right things.. (aren’t I?)

No, The answer is no, absolutely not. I was eating dreadfully! I found myself reducing my carbohydrates and fats due to my holiday weight but I’d completely forgotten to buy some of my basics on the shopping list so found myself rushing to eat all of the fruit that was in the house. It didn’t dawn on me that the past 6 days I’ve almost eaten all of the households fruit, to myself! I was exhausted and we all know why. I had over indulged in sugar!

Sugar is my enemy!

Sugar secrets is an article I wrote about some surprising things that sugar does to the body, which is exactly the reason why I expect myself to know better but It didn’t occur to me that I had been snacking on fruit, to excess, until today An adult is recommended to eat 30g or 20141031_221926less of sugar in a day.

Did you know: One prune has 3.2 grams of sugar in it, and medium banana has 14 grams!

By topping my breakfast with fruit, snacking on fruit throughout the day and ingulding in some banana ice cream of an evening I was eating far too much for the recommended amount. I bet you’re wondering how much I was actually eating, well here’s my diary for today. Baring in mind I didn’t know I would be writing this up, I really didn’t spare myself and I’ve definitely not been eating properly.

My food diary

  • Five Prunes (3.2 grams x 5) with a glass of water Followed by;
  • One coffee; two sugars & sweet rice one sugar. 8.3 grams and 4.15 grams.
  • Two yoghurt snack biscuits 7.9 grams x two
  • Sweet and spicy beef with vegetables & one coffeee. 8.2 grams.
  • One banana with a teaspoon of honey. 14 grams and 9grams

For those of you who’re counting, I’ll save you the time. I ate 70grams of sugar and the evening isn’t even over yet. It was only around 800 calories and I still have dinner to go but I’ve already eating over double the recommended amount and it was easily done. Some days I have two bananas, several carrots, sweet potatoes, sweet corn and more coffees than I care to admit but I’ve been sensitive to caffeine recently so I’ve cut right back.


I think all-in-all It takes moments like these that connect the dots to my health to remind me that ‘healthy eating’ means a balanced diet and to really focus on what I’m eating at any one point. Even vegetables have sugars in them so it really is something to be watchful over and I most definitely will!




Amy-May Hunt

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