Seven Protein Packed delightful foods to kick off your day

As you now know, protein is one of the best weight loss secrets, so including it in its raw natural form is the best thing for you to kick-start your day. 
Why not try some of these probably lesser known protein kings.

Cottage Cheese 


Cottage cheese 1% is pretty versatile, desserts, savouries and snacks so it’s easy to include some for a protein boost in your diet. 4 ounces of the stuff contains 14 grams of protein. Wow!


Peanut butter 


Peanut butter and it’s nut butter friends have an average of 8 grams of protein per 2 tablespoons of the stuff. Careful as it packs a bunch of healthy fats, why not have a tablespoon as a treat and give yourself a hit of the good stuff. 



Lentils! They were of course going to pop-up on the list. If you’ve read the book you should know everything about lentils but if you haven’t then… As a legume (like Edamame before it), lentils offer a serious amount of protein per cup, around 18g and 16g of fiber this will help your body with digestion and keep you fuller for longer. They also contain iron, folate and B Vitamins.

Hard boiled egg 



Eggs are a well know protein food but are often overlooked for their, ‘bad’ side effects..gas. However eaten fully cooked reduced the chance of the bodies creating that gas. One egg can be a powerhouse of a breakfast or snack as they offer up a great dose of Vitamin D, protein and only 77 calories! 

Whole Wheat Pasta

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This meal contains lots of protein, including some edamame! Instead of buying ‘white’ pasta noodles, make the switch to whole wheat if you haven’t already. It offers 8 grams of protein and some extra Vitamin B +fibre
Raw Quinoa
This seed has 24 grams of protein per cup and while it loses some of it if cooked, it still retains at least 8 grams of it, add this to your porridge oats, rice pudding or savoury rice. It has a firm grainy texture like a cous cous or lentil meal so test it out in different dishes, (I’ve tried it alone and flavored, it didn’t hit the spot for me) Mixed with other foods is perfect.


If these foods have hit the spot but you’re just not feeling right… remember not all bodies take on vitamins the same and vitamins, supplements and aids can perk you up too. Whether it’s for digestion or achy muscles, sometimes you need a little extra help in your day. Health comes in many different forms, you could speak to Daniela Maltauro

Why not try out different diets, exercise routines or supplements,There are tonnes of different types and brands such as holland and barrat,, see what makes you feel your best.

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